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Shout Mag
EditorMaria T. Welch
CategoriesTeen Lifestyle for Girls
Frequencyfortnightly on Thursday
Circulation82,983 (2006)[1]
PublisherD. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd
Year founded1993
CountryUnited Kingdom

Shout is a UK magazine for teenage girls, published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd of Dundee, Scotland, since 1993.

It carries articles on fashion, celebrities, flowcharts, true stories, problems and embarrassing moments. It is printed fortnightly, normally at £2.99, and is read by over 520,000 people each fortnight.[citation needed] Their slogan is No.1 for YouTubers!, the ONLY teen mag YOU need!

The categories include a wide range of articles. The celebrity pages may have a topic (such as celebs who pick their noses, etc.) or can be just be embarrassing or enhancing pictures. Fashion shows clothes available at various stores and different ways to wear them and different ranges of colours and ways to apply make up to enhance one's features. Flow charts and polls let readers express their opinion and see what other people think on a topic. True stories contain stories of people's experiences, problems or ailments. "Problems" is a write-back system which allows girls to send in their problems which may appear in the magazine or receive a written reply. "Embarrassing moments" is a feature on readers' recent embarrassing moments. They are rated on how embarrassing they are: if the editors say 'Get over it', then it is deemed barely embarrassing; 'Slightly shameful' means it was embarrassing at the time but the reader should eventually get over it, and 'Completely cringey!' means she will never live it down.[citation needed] The magazine also features advice columns from YouTubers Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter.

Another magazine, named Shout Secrets, was released in October 2008, after a survey which showed that readers wanted more true stories and celeb gossip. It features more of these and fewer of the flowcharts, style, fashion and quizzes. The magazine is on a trial run and so far has had good reviews. It costs £3.00.[citation needed]

Shout was launched by Jackie Brown and is currently edited by Maria T. Welch.[citation needed]

As of 2015, the magazine focused more on YouTubers than pop stars and bands.

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  1. ^ Jennifer Whitehead, "Teen magazine sector remains grim after closures",, 17 August 2006, retrieved 29 June 2010: "Only DC Thomson's Shout bucked the trend for falls in teenage lifestyle titles, adding 11.5% in sales to record an ABC figure of 82,983".

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