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Show! Audio Jockey
Show! Audio Jockey.jpg
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Hangul쇼! 오디오자키
GenreReality show
StarringCurrent:Park Myeong-su
Monsta X's Wonho
Monsta X's Minhyuk
Monsta X's Yoo Ki-hyun
Monsta X's Lee Joo-heon
Sung Si-kyung
So Yoo-jin
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes15 (as of June 23, 2019) (list of episodes)
  • Lee Yong-joon
  • Kim Se-hun
Production location(s)South Korea
Running time80 minutes
DistributorCJ E&M
Original networktvN
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Original releaseMarch 17, 2019 (2019-03-17) –
Preceded byHollywood Breakfast
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Show! Audio Jockey (Korean쇼! 오디오자키) is a South Korean variety show program on tvN starring Park Myeong-su, Sung Si-kyung, So Yoo-jin, Boom and 4 members from Monsta X (Wonho, Minhyuk, Yoo Ki-hyun and Lee Joo-heon). It airs on tvN starting from March 17 and will air its last episode on June 30, 2019.[1] It is broadcast by tvN on Sundays at 18:10 (KST).[2]


     – Present.
     – Absent.
Names Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Park Myeong-su
Sung Si-kyung
So Yoo-jin
Wonho (Monsta X)
Minhyuk (Monsta X)
Yoo Ki-hyun (Monsta X)
Lee Joo-heon (Monsta X)


This is a show where the concept of radio and television comes together. In the show, there will a group of Audio Jockeys (AJs) set to host their individual radio programme. AJs will host their programme in an open and movable studio. Listeners are able to listen through Podbbang [ko] and tvN's official YouTube Channel during the actual recording of the show. A few days after the actual recording, the audio of the different programme hosted by the few AJs will be released. Afterwards, the radio show will also be televised to enable audiences to watch how the AJs prepares behind the scenes and hosting during the programme itself.[3]

On Recording 7 and 8, the concept changed to visual radio where listeners can watch live on YouTube what was happening on the recording location. Though on Recording 7, listeners still can opt to listen like a typical radio show without the visual on Podbbang.


Segments Details
Episode 1 – 4
Monsta X's Monstyle In this segment, the 4 Monsta X members will be introducing great foods that will activate listeners' saliva glands.
Episode 1 – 6
Boom Box During this segment, there will be small corners like "Answer the Music" for the listeners to take part, lip-sync performances and many more that will draw listeners attention.
So Yoo-jin's Sweet Salon In this segment, Yoo-jin will give listeners some great parenting tips on taking care of their young kids at home. In addition, she will also be on the line with a caller. The caller will be teaching Yoo-jin their cooking recipe on their local (at the recording location) famous dishes. With that, she will try her best to cook out the dishes on the show.
Sung Si-kyung by Your Side In this segment, there will be some love talks and also live singing performances to attract every woman's heart.
Park Myeong-su's Easy Talent In this segment, Myeong-su and the audiences will compete with each other and many more small games just to bring up everyone's excitement and make everyone's day an enjoyable one.
Episode 5 – 6
AJ Joint Broadcast All the 4 AJs will be joining forces together for the very first time to host the show together.
Episode 7 – 10
Itinerant Traveller Travel guide Roh Jung-hoon will recommend some good places to travel and great foods to eat at the different recording locations to the listeners.
So So Kitchen Just with only a phone call to get the caller on the phone teach how the AJs to cook live without a written recipe. Therefore, how will the food that the AJs cooked turn out as?
Trot Man and Woman There will be 4 trot men and women who will be competing with each other to see who will be the ultimate winner. The winner will be able to end the segment with his/her own solo performance.
Episode 7 – present
Paldo Roadsinger In this segment, everyone can show off their talents by singing to win the hearts of the AJs and the guest hosts. The ultimate winner will be able to walk away with a cash prize of 1 million won.

List of Episodes[edit]

(Filming Date)
Location Episode(s) AJ(s) Show Title Time Slot (KST) Winning Content
(February 17, 2019)
Yangyang County, Gangwon Province, South Korea 1–2 Boom Boom Box
07:00–08:30 Boom Box
So Yoo-jin So Yoo-jin's Sweet Salon
(소유진의 스윗살롱)
Sung Si-kyung Sung Si-kyung by Your Side
(그대 곁에 성시경입니다)
Park Myeong-su Park Myeong-su's Easy Talent
(박명수의 호락호락쇼)
Wonho, Minhyuk, Yoo Ki-hyun, Lee Joo-heon (Monsta X) Monsta X's Monstyle
(몬스타엑스의 몬스타일)
(March 20, 2019)
Gurye County, South Jeolla Province, South Korea 3–4 Park Myeong-su Park Myeong-su's Easy Talent
(박명수의 호락호락쇼)
09:00–10:30 Park Myeong-su's Easy Talent
(Park Myeong-su)[6]
So Yoo-jin So Yoo-jin's Sweet Salon
(소유진의 스윗살롱)
Boom Boom Box
Sung Si-kyung Sung Si-kyung by Your Side
(그대 곁에 성시경입니다)
Wonho, Minhyuk, Yoo Ki-hyun, Lee Joo-heon (Monsta X) Monsta X's Monstyle
(몬스타엑스의 몬스타일)
(April 3, 2019)
Soonchunhyang University 5–6 So Yoo-jin So Yoo-jin's Sweet Salon
(소유진의 스윗살롱)
12:00–13:00 N/A [8]
Sung Si-kyung Sung Si-kyung by Your Side
(그대 곁에 성시경입니다)
Boom Boom Box
Park Myeong-su Park Myeong-su's Easy Talent
(박명수의 호락호락쇼)
So Yoo-jin, Sung Si-kyung, Boom, Park Myeong-su AJ Joint Broadcast
(AJ 합동방송)
(April 17, 2019)
Dongseong-ro [ko], Daegu, South Korea 7–8 Sung Si-kyung and Boom Itinerant Traveller
(방랑의 여행가들)
Park Myeong-su and So Yoo-jin So So Kitchen
Sung Si-kyung and Boom Paldo Roadsinger
(팔도 로드싱어)
Park Myeong-su and So Yoo-jin Trot Man and Woman
(May 1, 2019)
Wangdolcho Plaza
(Hupo-Myeon [ko], Uljin County, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea)
9–10 Park Myeong-su and So Yoo-jin Trot Man and Woman
Sung Si-kyung and Boom Paldo Roadsinger
(팔도 로드싱어)
Park Myeong-su and So Yoo-jin So So Kitchen
Sung Si-kyung and Boom Itinerant Traveller
(방랑의 여행가들)
(May 15, 2019)
Seongan-gil, Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea 11–12 Sung Si-kyung, Boom and Park Myeong-su Paldo Roadsinger
(팔도 로드싱어)
(Daejeon, South Korea)
(May 29, 2019)
Jeonju Hanok Village
(Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, South Korea)
13–14 Boom and Park Myeong-su 13:00–16:00
U Square [ko]
(Gwangju, South Korea)
(June 12, 2019)
Lotte World Tower
(Jamsil, South Korea)
15–16 13:00–15:30 [9]
Galmaegi Stage (갈매기 무대)
(Wolmido, Incheon, South Korea)


Park Myeong-su's Easy Talent[edit]

Park Myeong-su's Easy Talent (Ep 1 – 6)
Name Episode(s) Ref(s).
Seol Ha-yoon [ko] 1–6 [10][11]
Kim Tae-jin [ko] 1–6 [12]
Kim Soo-chan [ko] 3–4, 6 [13]
Park Seul-gi [ko] 4 [14]

Boom Box[edit]

Boom Box (Ep 1 – 6)
Name Episode(s) Ref(s).
Yoon Sung-ho [ko] 1–4 [15][16]
Kim In-seok [ko]
Seol Ha-yoon [ko] 5–6 [17]
Jo Bin [ko] (Norazo) [18]
Won Heum [ko] (Norazo)

Sweet Salon[edit]

Sweet Salon (Ep 1 – 6)
Name Episode(s) Ref(s).
Alberto Mondi 1–4 [19]
Sim Jin-hwa [ko] 6 [20]

Sung Si-kyung by Your Side[edit]

Sung Si-kyung by Your Side (Ep 1 – 6)
Name Episode(s) Ref(s).
Ben 1–2, 4 [21][22]
Roh Jung-hoon 3–6 [23]
Solji (EXID) 5–6 [24]

Trot Man and Woman[edit]

Trot Man and Woman (Ep 7 – 10)
Name Episode(s) Ref(s).
Park Seong-yeon 7–10 [25][26]
Na Sang-do 7–8
Han Dam-hee 8–10 [27][26]
Jeong Ho 9–10 [28][26]
Jang Min-ho [ko]

Itinerant Traveller[edit]

Itinerant Traveller (Ep 7 – 10)
Name Episode(s) Ref(s).
Solji (EXID) 7–8
Roh Jung-hoon 7–9 [28]

So So Kitchen[edit]

So So Kitchen (Ep 7 – 10)
Name Episode(s) Note(s) Ref(s).
Baek Jong-won 8 Through phone call [29]

Paldo Road Singer[edit]

Paldo Road Singer (Ep 7 – present)
Name Episode(s) Ref(s).
Solji (EXID) 7–8, 13–14 [30]
Seol Ha-yoon [ko] 7–present [30][28][26][31]


  • Ratings listed below are the individual corner ratings of Show! Audio Jockey. (Note: Individual corner ratings do not include commercial time, which regular ratings include.)
  • In the ratings below, the highest rating for the show will be in red and the lowest rating for the show will be in blue each year.
Ep. # Original Airdate AGB Nielsen Ratings Nationwide[32]
1 March 17, 2019 0.7%
2 March 24, 2019 0.6%
3 March 31, 2019 0.754%
4 April 7, 2019 0.5%
5 April 14, 2019 0.741%
6 April 21, 2019 0.543%
7 April 28, 2019 1.141%
8 May 5, 2019 0.846%
9 May 12, 2019 0.954%
10 May 19, 2019 1.077%
11 May 26, 2019 1.001%
12 June 2, 2019 1.338%
13 June 9, 2019 1.036%
14 June 16, 2019 0.810%
15 June 23, 2019 0.867%
16 June 30, 2019 %


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