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Show is a bi-monthly magazine, founded and published by Sean Cummings in 2005. Show is geared toward young urban men and showcases glamour photography of female pin-up models from around the world. Sean Cummings was previously the editorial director of Smooth magazine and both the creator and editorial director of Smooth Girl magazine (2002–2005).

Following the success of Show, Cummings published a spin-off magazine, Showcase, which features extensive photo shoots of usually one or two of the most popular pin-up models frequently featured in Show. Cummings also produces another spin-off magazine, Black Lingerie, which features photo shoots of several models in various black lingerie ensembles, usually to a white background. Also in the Show magazine lineup is The Art of Sexy, a fully nude pictorial issue, ShowGirlz Latina, which features a group of today's hottest women of the Hispanic modeling scene, and SHOWPiece magazine, which features a single frequented model in the Show catalog, modeled in an exotic location.

Cummings also publishes another spin-off magazine, Alt, which features alternative-models - who have multiple tattoos and non-traditional appearance modifications such as piercings, colored hair and other body modifications - photographed in pin-up style glamour photography similar to that utilized in Show.