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Show By Rock!!
Cover of the sixth Blu-ray volume, showing the main cast.
(Shō Bai Rokku!!)
GenreAction, comedy, urban fantasy
DeveloperGeechs (2013–2017)
Edia (2018–2019)
PublisherGeechs (2013–2017)
Edia (2018–2019)
ReleasedJuly 30, 2013 (iOS)
June 27, 2014 (Android)
Anime television series
Directed byTakahiro Ikezoe
Written byTōko Machida
Music byYasuharu Takanashi
Rega Sound
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, ytv, BS11
English network
Original run April 5, 2015 June 21, 2015
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
Anime television series
Show by Rock!! Short!!
Directed byTakahiro Ikezoe
Written byTōko Machida
Music byYasuharu Takanashi
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, ytv
Original run July 4, 2016 September 19, 2016
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
Anime television series
Show by Rock!!#
Directed byTakahiro Ikezoe
Written byTōko Machida
Music byYasuharu Takanashi
Rega Sound
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, TV Aichi, ytv, BS11
Original run October 2, 2016 December 18, 2016
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
Anime television series
Show by Rock!! Mashumairesh!!
Directed bySeung Hui Son
Written byDaisuke Tazawa
Music byYasuharu Takanashi
StudioKinema Citrus
Licensed by
Original networkTokyo MX, BS Fuji, UHB, SUN, TV Tokyo
Original run January 9, 2020 – present
Show by Rock!! Fes A Live
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Show By Rock!! (Japanese: ショウ・バイ・ロック!!, Hepburn: Shō Bai Rokku!!) (also known as Show By Rock!! Gonna be a Music Millionaire!) is a rhythm video game developed and published by Geechs, in conjunction with Sanrio. In January 2018, development transferred from Geechs to Edia. Service for the game was discontinued in December 2019. It is Sanrio's first ever franchise project aimed for older audience, as opposed to the younger audience. The game was released on July 30, 2013 for iOS and on June 27, 2014 for Android devices. An anime adaptation by Bones aired in Japan between April and June 2015 on Tokyo MX as the first late night anime based on a Sanrio character or franchise. A short anime aired from July to September 2016 and a second season aired from October to December 2016. A sequel anime by Kinema Citrus aired on January 9, 2020. A new game in the series produced and published by Square-Enix is scheduled to be released in 2020.


The game plays as a rhythm game with few elements from raising sim games. Players can choose from 26 different bands, each having their own music style and uses special cards for each gameplay. The player's team can have up to five cards, and choose one support player from a list. The player's has certain amount of "soul" for each element depending on their cards. The player can play whichever song they would like from the band of their choice, as well as the level that works with their team. Occasionally, a band's members' Melodisian Stones may turn dark, and thus a boss battle appears. For the boss battles, you may only choose a song from the band whose Melodsian Stones turned dark, and the goal for each boss battle is to survive until the end. Players also get to create their own character in the start of the game, and design their own room.


Show by Rock!![edit]

Cyan Hijirikawa is a first-year high school student who has a good passion for music. However, she is very shy and doesn't have the courage to join the school's music club. But on one fateful night, she gets sucked into the rhythm game she had been playing on her smartphone after receiving an item called "Strawberry Heart". Cyan ends up in a new world called Midi City, a place where those who command music control everything. There, she sees a concert performed by a kemono band called Trichronika and realizes she had taken on the form of a white kemono cat girl, dressed in a costume resembling Gothic Lolita fashion. However, when a "dark monster" starts to attack the concert and begins to corrupt the Melodisian stones of the Trichronika members, Strawberry Heart materializes in Cyan's hands and tells her to play something with it to defeat the monster. As she saves the band from turning into dark monsters themselves, she returns to her human form, but retaining her cat ears and tail. She is then approached by Maple Arisugawa, the CEO of Banded Rocking Records to join his recording agency. She meets ChuChu, Retoree, and Moa, the vocalist, bassist, and drummer of Plasmagica, one of Banded Rocking Record's bands. Retoree asks Cyan to join, and she accepts. Together, they all tackle and perform together in the music scene, aiming to be the best music band of all Midi City, discovering the secrets surrounding the Dark Monsters and importantly for Cyan, to find a way to get back to her own world.

Show by Rock!!#[edit]

Set after the events of the first season, the intergalactic fleet led by the malevolent Queen of Darkness, Victorious, unleashed a devastating attack on Sound Planet in the future, causing total destruction of Midi City. Upon its destruction, a mysterious band named Bud Virgin Logic appeared and performed a malevolent tune to the surviving denizens while Dagger Morse corrupts all the citizens, draining them of their sound energy and plunging the city into chaos and despair. From the attack, only Ninjinriot survived and feared the worst scenario that would lead to the fall of the Sound Universe. With no choice, the band traveled back in time to prevent it from happening. In present-day Midi City, Maple told the members of Plasmagica, Shingan Crimson and Cristicrista that their recording label is holding a beneficiary concert to the people with somewhat positive reactions. Though at the time of the concert, Plasmagica, despite not having Cyan is eager to perform, until Bud Virgin Logic appeared alongside Dagger Morse, who announced he will destroy the ones who defeated them. But they were thwarted by Ninjinriot, who rescued the trio. After Dagger and his band retreated, Arashi told them that bad things will happen if they don't stop Dagger and Bud Virgin Logic, resulting in the said bad future and got everyone worried that there will be a new battle. At the same time in the Human World, Cyan Hijirikawa was stuck in a writer's block regarding composing a song for her band in the upcoming school festival. Kamui arrived at the Human World and transported Cyan back to the Sound World in order to prevent the dark future from happening. With the entire world in a knife's edge, it's up to Cyan and her friends once again to stop Dagger and Victorious from destroying the Sound Universe.


The characters in Show By Rock!! are organized by music groups.

Plasmagica (プラズマジカ, Purazumajika)
The starter band in the video game's story mode, composed of four members gathered by Maple Arisugawa of Banded Rocking Records. Cyan hopes on her band to be the best aim to the top of the Music Industry.[1] They are also the featured group in the Show By Rock!! anime.[2]
  • Cyan Hijirikawa (聖川 詩杏, Hijirikawa Shian) / Cyan (シアン, Shian) (Voiced by: Eri Inagawa (Japanese); Bryn Apprill (English)) – guitar and vocals – The series's main protagonist, Cyan is a first-year high school student who is good at music, but is very shy with joining any music club at her school. When she got sucked into the Sound World, she became a white cat girl Myuumon[1] who wears a Gothic Lolita outfit with striped stockings. She once dreamed on becoming the best music star in the world until she gets involved on the fight against the Dark Monsters and then scouted by Maple to be part of the band. When performing, she uses the guitar called Strawberry Heart, which is used as a way to communicate with the Grateful King. In human form, she has black hair and both cat ears and a long cat tail.
  • Chuchu (チュチュ, Chuchu) (Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka (Japanese); Alexis Tipton (English)) – guitar and vocals – a purple rabbit girl who dresses in black clothing. An honor student of a school she attended, she is rather strictly mannered but sociable. However she can be prideful in certain situations and once formed the band in order to boost her popularity for her to start her solo career. But she decided not to leave due how important she is to them. She wields the Antique Batman Guitar, which is her prized instrument. In human form, she has purple hair and white rabbit ears and tail.
  • Retoree (レトリー, Retorī) (Voiced by: Eri Kitamura (game), Manami Numakura (anime) (Japanese); Caitlin Glass (English)) – bass and vocals – a Golden Retriever dog girl who has long blonde ears and a ribbon in her hair. She is the smart girl in the group and uses her smartphone anytime, making her shy and unsociable. She uses the Blue Station Electric Bass as her main instrument. In her human form, she has long blonde hair tied in twintails and a yellow tail. She appears to have a crush on Cyan.
  • Moa (モア, Moa) (Voiced by: Ayane Sakura (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)) – drums and vocals – a pink and black Pyuruian sheep girl with yellow horns, described as an alien who came from the Planet Pyuru. She came to the Sound Planet to research the planet for a new energy source until she is scouted to join the band. She always ends her speeches with "Pyuru~" (ぴゅる〜, Pyuru〜) and plays with the band using the Super Cosmo drums. In her human form, she has pink curly hair, yellow horns, black ears and a short black tail. She is later revealed to be the Crown Princess of Planet Pyuru.
Shingan Crimsonz (シンガンクリムゾンズ, Shingan Kurimuzonzu)
The second main band of the game, classified as a Visual Kei band. Like Plasmagica, they are also contracted to Banded Rocking Records and also aims on becoming the best of all Midi City.[3] All the songs are performed by Kishō Taniyama of Granrodeo in Japanese and Mike McFarland in English.
  • Crow (クロウ, Kurō) (Voiced by: Kishō Taniyama (Japanese); Mike McFarland (English)) – guitar and vocals - The leader of Shingan Crimsonz, he is a Hedgehog Mummon who aims to be the best rocker in MIDI City. Shown to be as impulsive and vulgar, he usually boast his skills in music and tends to disagree with Aion and Yaiba. Being from a family of Dairy Farmers, he sometimes think his fans are cattle to him which is considered an insult to them. However, he is very skilled in music and wields the ax-shaped Red Tomahawk Guitar.
  • Aion (アイオーン, Aiōn) (Voiced by: Junichi Yanagida (game), Kōki Uchiyama (anime) (Japanese); Jerry Jewell (English)) – guitar - A Lion Mummon who is very calm and yet thinks highly of himself. Usually gets into fights with Crow and Yaiba, he wields the Holy Arc Guitar. He is Ailane's older brother.
  • Yaiba (ヤイバ, Yaiba) (Voiced by: Mitsuhiro Ichiki (game), Tetsuya Kakihara (anime) (Japanese); Ian Sinclair (English)) – bass - A Fox Mummon who knows the way of the samurai, Yaiba is a guy who has huge respect to the way of the Bushido and the Rock Spirit. He is very timid and somehow gets into fights with both Crow and Aion. He wields the "Ryūkenden (龍剣伝)" guitar.
  • Rom (ロム, Romu) (Voiced by: Teruyuki Tanzawa (game), Yoshimasa Hosoya (anime) (Japanese); Chris Sabat (English)) – drums - A Leopard Mummon and the de facto leader the group. Despite having a hot personality and looking tough, he is level headed and usually scolds the other 3 when they're arguing. He plays the Skull Jacker Drums and is the only member of the group who has a full time job. He is once friends with Shu Zo when he was a member of his previous band Amatelast, until they broke up.
Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan (徒然なる操り霧幻庵)[4]
Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan is the game's Enka band, which plays a fusion of both rock and traditional Japanese music. They came to Midi City to spread Far East music. The songs in the game were all performed by Salia of the band Unicorn Table until "Sadame" which is performed by Saori Hayami in Japanese and Dawn M. Bennett in English.
  • A () (Voiced by: Saori Hayami (Japanese); Dawn M. Bennett (English)) – guitar shamisen and vocals - A tan Shiba Inu wearing a bamboo hat over her head.
  • Un () (Voiced by: Eriko Matsui (Japanese); Jad Saxton (English)) – bass shamisen and vocals - She is a grey mouse Myuumon wearing a brown hat
  • Daru Dayu (ダル太夫, Daru Dayū) (Voiced by: Megumi Han (Japanese); Stephanie Young (English)) – drums and vocal - A red daruma figure with cat ears.
Trichronika (トライクロニカ, Toraikuronika)[5]
Trichronika is an all-male idol group and the first band Cyan met in the anime. It is composed of three members, signed to the Major idol label Judas.
  • Shu Zo (シュウ☆ゾー, Shū Zō) (Voiced by: Kasuya Daisuke (game), Mamoru Miyano (anime) (Japanese); Vic Mignogna (English)) – guitar and vocals - A Myumon of unconfirmed species and the leader of Trichronika, he is considered the galactic prince with the sweet angelic voice. He is very popular with fans in Midi City, especially for his music skills. He is able to sing, play guitar, and play piano to perfection. However, he shares a dark past with one of the members of ShinganCrimonz, Rom, whom he was in a Visual Kei band named Amatelast before they broke up and later being scouted by Judas.
  • Riku (リク, Riku) (Voiced by: Ayumu Murase (Japanese); Micah Solusod (English) – bass - A Myumon of unconfirmed species and one of the twins supporting Shu Zo. Despite his dedication to performing with Trichronika, his soft-spoken nature and lack of confidence have given him a slight inferiority complex.
  • Kai (カイ, Kai) (Voiced by: Ryota Osaka (Japanese); Ricco Fajardo (English) – drums - A Myumon of unconfirmed species and Riku's older twin brother. His two favorite things are Shu Zo and dancing. He is a caring big brother to Riku, if a bit eccentric.
Criticrista (クリティクリスタ, Kuritikurisuta)[6]
A new group debuting in the game and anime, they are a 4-piece band composed of students from the St. Midi Middle School's Student Council.[7] In the anime, the group is working for Unicorn Virtual Music and is eyeing Cyan after she arrived in the sound world. By their defeat through a rematch against Plasmagica, Dagger corrupted their Melodisian Stones and turned them all into dark monsters. After they were purified and returned to their original forms, Cristicrista joins Banded Rocking Records after Dagger Morse is defeated.
  • Rosia (ロージア, Rōjia) (Voiced by: Rina Hidaka (Japanese); Mikaela Krantz (anime), Trina Nishimura (Short!! episode 8) (English)) – guitar and vocals
  • Tsukino (ツキノ, Tsukino) (Voiced by: Ai Kayano (Japanese); Natalie Hoover (English)) – keyboards and vocals
  • Holmy (ホルミー, Horumī) (Voiced by: Hiromi Igarashi (Japanese); Apphia Yu (English)) – bass and vocals
  • Jacqueline (ジャクリン, Jakurin) (Voiced by: Rie Murakawa (Japanese); Morgan Berry (English)) – drums and vocals
Arcareafact (アルカレアファクト, Arukareafakuto)
Arcareafact is an all-male band composed of four wealthy members, signed to the Major idol label Judas. The members are named after chemical elements. Titan=Titanium; Selen=Selenium; Argon=Argon; Orion=Aurum. The band's official abbreviation is arukare-Arcare (アルカレ, Arukare).
  • Titan (チタン, Chitan) voiced by Yūsuke Kobayashi (Japanese); Jason Liebrecht (English) - keyboard and vocals - A blue unicorn Myumon. His parents are famous musicians. He inherited his talent from his parents however he's the kind of person who hates losing and always tried exceptionally hard since his childhood. At first glance he has a poker face and different attitude compared to his band members, but he secretly hides a burning fighting spirit inside that can burn up anytime. He seems to take interests on Shingan Crimsonz, though believes more in chivalry. Through the second season, Victorious took away their possessions, reverting him and his band back to poverty and tries to raise his poor brothers.
  • Orion (オリオン, Orion) voiced by Taku Yashiro (Japanese); J. Michael Tatum (English) – violin - A bison Myumon. The band's leader as well as a descendant from the ancient and honorable ENDENCLOTH and heir of a financially powerful family. Until now he has solved all problems with the power of money and his sharp eyes hidden behind those glasses. A competent man who's skilled with his hands. His butler ("Jii") is always by his side.
  • Selen (セレン, Seren) voiced by Eishin Fudemura (Japanese); Brandon McInnis – bass - A soft lamb Myumon. He's the son of an out-of-space super major label's chairman. Because he spent all his time in his parent's library during his childhood he gained a deep knowledge of music and loves rumors of minor bands that no one ever heard about. In contrary to the young boy appearance he utters both malicious and mature remarks.
  • Argon (アルゴン, Arugon) voiced by Chiharu Sawashiro (Japanese); Marcus D. Stimac (English)– drums - A velocity gazelle Myumon. Before joining Judas he found a company and became No.1 on MIDI CITY's ranking of its top billionaires. Since his hobbies include dancing, working out his muscles and expanding his business he can earn sound dollars while training. With his bright and light (gentle) mood he might annoy his bandmembers a little.
  • Jii (じい, ) voiced by Tomohisa Asō (Japanese); Kent Williams (English) - Orion's butler.
  • Balt (バルト, Baruto) voiced by Ayane Sakura (Japanese); Alison Viktorin (English) - One of Titan's younger brothers
  • Nickel (ニッケル, Nikkeru) voiced by Manami Numakura (Japanese); Lara Woodhull (English) - One of Titan's younger brother
Bud Virgin Logic (バッドヴァージンロジック, Baddo Bājin Rojikku)
A mysterious band that appears in the second season allied with both Dagger Morse and Victorious. They have melodies as sharp as a knife and delicate vocals as transparent as glass. They were all innocent once until Dagger corrupted them and their Melodisian Stones, forcing them to work for him.
  • Ailane (アイレーン, Airēn) voiced by Ruriko Noguchi (Japanese); Leah Clark (English) – vocals and guitar – A majestic lion Myumon, with a haughty, commanding gaze, powerful charisma and mystical speech. Immersion into music had made her a bit of klutz. Likes high places and things smaller than herself. She is Aion's younger sister.
  • Peipain (ペイペイン, Peipein) voiced by Aimi Tanaka (Japanese); Amanda Lee (English) – bass – A rare mythical Kirin Myumon. Taken in by a mysterious Foundation at an early age to serve as Airen's maid. Now, keeps an unfazed, watching expression on her face and lots of weapons hidden in her skirt. Scary when angry.
  • Hundreko (ハンドレッコ, Handorekko) voiced by Ibuki Kido (Japanese); Jeannie Tirado (English) – drums – A white tiger Myumoroidom developed to be Aireen childhood playmate. Can play knife-drumsticks at amazing speeds. Generally surly, but smiles and laughs when recollecting fond memories.
Uwasanopetals (ウワサノペタルズ, Uwasanopetaruzu)
A band hailing from the countryside of the Sound World. In the anime, all of the members had a brief cameo, portrayed as high school students in the countryside who had high respects to Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan and wished to go to Midi City to cheer them in person, who later signed a recording contract with Ogasawara prior to the last episode of season 1. The group returned in the second season alongside their manager and later became contracted to Unicorn Virtual Music prior the finale. All the songs in the game are performed by Luna, an artist signed to Nippon Columbia.
  • Shibarin (しばりん) (Voiced by: Marika Kouno (Japanese); Whitney Rodgers (English)) – guitar and vocals
  • Kittsun (きっつん) (Voiced by: Nozomi Furuki (Japanese); Tia Ballard (English)) – drums
  • Hakkun (はっくん) (Voiced by: Tomoya Kōsaka (Japanese); Kyle Phillips (English)) – bass
  • Pokoe (ぽこえ) (Voiced by: Marumi Koike (Japanese); Ashleigh Domangue (season 1), Jill Harris (season 2) (English)) – keyboard
Shizuku Secretmind (雫シークレットマインド, Shizuku Shīkurettomaindo)
A band hailing from the water capital of Venicillin, they came to Midi City to perform for the first time. The songs in the game are sung by artist Chihiro.
  • Wendy (ウエンディ, Uendi) (Voiced by: Kiyono Yasuno (Japanese); Michelle Rojas (English)) – vocals
  • Coriente (コリエンテ, Koriente) (Voiced by: Saki Ogasawara (Japanese); Megan Shipman (English)) – guitar
  • Shabobon (シャボボン, Shabobon) Voiced by: Nozomi Furuki (Japanese); Sarah Wiedenheft (English))
Shinimonogurui (しにものぐるい)
A band originating in MIDI City's Yokai Street, composing of family members based around yokai. All of the songs in the game are performed by J-pop artist Marie Ueda.
  • Mari Mari (まりまり) (Voiced by: China Kitahara (Japanese); Brittney Karbowski (English)) – vocals and guitar
  • Tsugihagi (つぎはぎ) (Voiced by: Natsuki Kawasaki (Japanese); Josh Grelle (English)) – keyboard
Dolly Dolci (ドーリィドルチ, Dōryi Doruchi)
A Lolita rock band whose motif are based on sweets that appears in the second season. All of them are fans of other bands while being good on making sweets and desserts.
  • Candy Lapin (キャンディラパン, Kyandirapan) Voiced by: Mikoi Sasaki (Japanese); Alex Moore (English) – vocals - Leader of Dolly Dolci and a Holland Lop rabbit Myummon.
  • Pig Macaron (ピグマカロン, Pigumakaron) Voiced by: Izumi Chiba (Japanese); Terri Doty (English) – drums - Member of Dolly Dolci and a Pig Myummon. She appeared as one of the spectators during the course of season one until revealed she's a member of the band.
  • Chocoreil (チョキュルイユ, Chokiyurui) – guitar - Member of Dolly Dolci and a squirrel Myummon.
  • Cream Teddy (クリームテディ, Kurimu Tedi) – bass - Member of Dolly Dolci and a bear Myummon.
Ninjinriot (忍迅雷音, Shinobu jinrai-on)
A four piece ninja band that came from the future to prevent the Queen of Darkness from invading Sound World and using its energy to conquer the entire galaxy. They have no known record label and perform exclusive shows on the streets.
  • Oboro (, Oboro) – voiced by Oscar Seung (English) guitar - Leader, a cyber Oni Myuumon.
  • Arashi (, Arashi)Voiced by: Naoya Hirose (Japanese); Justin Briner (English) - vocals and guitar - A Tan Shiba Inu Myuumon who is aware of the Victorious attack on Sound Planet.
  • Rin (, Rin) -Voiced by Janelle Lutz (English) – bassist - She is a light brown fox Myuumon
  • Kamui (神威, Kamui)Voiced by: Tsuguo Mogami (Japanese); Jeremy Inman (English) – drums - A Ninmachine Myummon who is from the future. Upon knowing Victorious's invasion plan, he traveled back in time to find Cyan in the Human World and sends her back to the Sound World.
Baiganba V (バイガンバー V, Baiganbā V)
A super hero band with a hot heart and a marketing soul. Normally they are employees for the major musical instrument chain of stores, "Revolution Music Store." Every week on its rooftop they hold a "Superhero Live Show".
  • Bai Red (バイレッド, Baireddo)Voiced by: Tsuyoshi Takahashi (Japanese); Daman Mills (english) - vocals and guitar - He is a Red Panda Myuumon that dons a Red Ranger Super Sentai costume with Red Panda like features.
  • Bai Yellow (バイイエロー, Baiierō) – bass
  • Bai Blue (バイブルー, Baiburū) – guitar
  • Bai Pink (バイピンク, Baipinku) – keyboard
  • Bai Green (バイグリーン, Baigurīn) – drums
Gauga Strikes (ガウガストライクス, Gaugasutoraikusu)
A three-piece indie band working in Shibu Valley, now a four-piece band after Uchuura joined in the band. They were hired to protect the Gates to the purest Melodisian stone lying in the mountains of the Sound World. The band is based on the real life band Kafuka.
  • Kintaurus (キンタウルス, Kintaurusu)Voiced by: Hirofumi Nojima (Japanese); Seth Magill (English) - vocals and guitar - He has the appearance of a werewolf. Kintaurus likes cardigans. He has an awkward personality. Likes wearing t-shirts with the Kanji for gold (金) written on them but gets told that he/it's lame by the member, Deyan.
  • Deyan (デーヤン, Dēyan)Voiced by: Shimotsuki Yukari (Japanese); Todd Haberkorn (English) - bass - He has the appearance of a devil. A bit frivolous. His glowing blond hair is his trademark and he loves dressing up/being fashionable. Always criticizes the members' clothes. His aggressive performance is his strong point.
  • Uchuura (ウチュウラー, Uchuurā)Voiced by: Sasaki Yoshihito (Japanese); Derick Snow (English) - guitar - The new member of Gaugastrikes. He was drawn by the exquisite sound waves emitted by Kintaurus lame t-shirts and came to midi city from beyond a faraway galaxy. The inside of the space hat he's always wearing is apparently connected to black holes.
  • Daishizen (ダイシゼン, Daishizen)Voiced by: Yoshihito Ohtori (Japanese); Tyson Rinehart (English) - drums - He's big and reticent. His spirit reaches higher than the clouds. He rarely gets angry but when he does, apparently he's super scary. With his big body and heart he watches over the members and the fans, a magnanimous man.
Mashumairesh!! (ましゅまいれっしゅ!!)
  • Howan (ほわん)Voiced by: Hikaru Tohno - vocals and guitar
  • Mashima Himeko (マシマヒメコ, Himeko Mashima)Voiced by: Yūko Natsuyoshi - vocals and guitar
  • Delmin (デルミン)Voiced by: Misaki Watada - vocals and bass
  • Ruhuyu (ルフユ)Voiced by: Aya Yamane - vocals and drums
Yokazenohorizon (ヨカゼノホライズン, Yokazen Horizon)
  • Rikao (リカオ, Rikao)Voiced by: Makoto Furukawa - vocals and bass
  • Jalop (ジャロップ, Jaroppu) – guitar
  • Kusuka (クースカ, Kūsuka) – keyboard
  • Uraragi (ウララギ, Uragi) – drums
Dokonjofinger (どこんじょうふぃんが, Dokonjōfinga)
  • Yasu (ヤス, Yasu)Voiced by: Kento Itō – vocals and guitar
  • Hachin (ハッチン, Hatchin)Voiced by: Shohei Komatsu – bass
  • Joe (ジョウ, )Voiced by: Yūki Ono – guitar
  • Sojun (双循, Sō Jun)Voiced by: Yusuke Shirai – drums
Reijingsignal (レイジングシグナル, Reijingushigunaru)
  • Rararin (ララリン, Rararin)Voiced by: Lynn – vocals and guitar
  • Sumomone (スモモネ, Sumomone)Voiced by: Yū Serizawa – vocals and guitar
  • Uiui (ういうい, Ui ui)Voiced by: Minori Suzuki – vocals and bass

Other characters[edit]

Maple Arisugawa (有栖川メイプル, Arisugawa Meipuru)
Voiced by: Yūji Ueda (Japanese); Sonny Strait (English)
A former agent of Unicorn Virtual Music and currently the President and CEO of Banded Rocking Records, he's an egg Mummon who manages both Plasmagica and Shingan Crimsonz. Both serious and goofy, he tends to have a bondage and pain fetish; sometimes enjoys to be punished by his secretary. Thought to be goofy due to his antics, he is very caring towards the bands he formed and treats them as his family while knowing that music can't be weighed by money. Maple also knows about the existence of Strawberry Heart and its relations to the Grateful King.
Angelica (アンゼリカ, Anzerika)
Voiced by: Risa Shimizu (Japanese); Rachel Robinson (English)
The secretary of Banded Rocking Records, she is a Wolf Mummon who also looks after both bands. She tends to be strict to Maple and has a dominatrix-like personality.
Grateful King (グレイトフルキング, Gureitofurukingu) / Strawberry Heart (ストロベリーハート, Sutoroberī Hāto)
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese); Justin Cook (English)
The Grateful King is a famous composer and singer, whose skills in composition and music was legendary to everyone in the Sound World. However, since he is contracted with Unicorn Virtual Music, Dagger is using him on his plans on making him compose the most powerful song that would make him ruler of the Sound World. Due to his evil ambitions, he decided to possess the Legendary Instrument, Strawberry Heart, to rescue Cyan after being brought to the Sound World while using it as a way to communicate with her and the others. Now serving as Cyan's instructor in Midi City, it gives her advice on how to defeat dark monsters. It's sometimes called "Mr. Berry" by Cyan, apparently due to its long name. At the later course of the series, the members of BRR now knows about his existence.
Ogasawara (オガサワラ)
Voiced by: Yoshihito Sasaki (Japanese); Brandon Potter (English)
The agent for Criticrista and Dagger's employee. He is fired after Criticrista is defeated by Plasmagica in the battle of the bands but then became an agent for Uwasanopetals prior to the season 1 finale and resigned as an agent to Dagger Morse. However he is then reinstated to the company again in the season 2 finale.
Dagger Morse (ダガー・モーリス, Dagā Mōrisu)
Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda (Japanese); Chris Rager (English)
The main antagonist of season 1, he is the president of Unicorn Music and is the one responsible for the appearance of the dark monsters. He's been defeated by Cyan in the first season finale but it's revealed in the second season that he survived and recruited Bud Virgin Logic to be his new band. He is mistakenly accused to be working for the Queen of Darkness Victorious, but revealed he has no allegiance with her whatsoever. In the end, he teamed up with Maple in order to defeat her and change the future.
Victorious (ヴィクトリアス, Vuikutoriasu)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese); Elizabeth Maxwell (English)
The true main antagonist of season 2. A female devil myuumon, she is known as the Queen of Darkness, who rules the planet Ordinis, a harsh world filled only with people desiring results and strong efficiency. As a child, she and her best friend Astreal both believed in justice and loved to sing together. However at the day of the exams, she had believed that the strong can survive and the weak dies when she fell from a cliff after Astreal denied to help her during their exams even though she helped Astreal earlier. Because of this betreyal, it caused her Melodisian stone to be corrupted, resulting in her becoming cold, evil and bitter while hating music in the process and her heart filled with hatred, rage and jealousy. When she gained new powers from said darkness, she ends up scaring Astreal into falling off the cliff and claims the throne as the new ruler of Ordinis. Now in her later years, she now commands an invasion fleet in several planets in the sound universe and committing mass genocide in each planet to extract its Sound Energy. She plans to take over the Sound Universe creating a world of no hope, and full of darkness and despair. She also went undercover as a secretary for Arcareafact, until she reveals she betrayed them.
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  • Chammychaplets
  • Demonsvenom
  • Dropout Sensei
  • Fukashi Gimmick
  • Labomunch
  • Rapezziauto
  • Shirorakurosuka?
  • Shizuku Secretmind
  • Spectrenotes
  • StuddoBan Gyasshu
  • Tekebakitsusou
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Video games[edit]

The game was first unveiled by Sanrio on the game's official website and was first released on July 30, 2013 for iOS and later on Android platforms on June 27, 2014. Sanrio's Chief Director of License Business Akito Sasaki said at a licensing expo that the reason for the game's artistic distance from Sanrio's usual style is because it is geared toward young boys (although it ended up appealing older girls around 15–19 years old). Several promotional videos were also released for the game, and were uploaded to Sanrio's official YouTube account.[8] Service for the game was discontinued on December 26, 2019.[9]

A sequel game to the series titled Show by Rock!! Fes A Live was developed and published by Square-Enix, and will be released in both iOS and Android devices in 2020.[10][11]


A 12-episode anime adaptation of the game animated by Bones aired on Tokyo MX between April 5 and June 21, 2015.[12][13][14] The series is directed by Takahiro Ikezoe and written by Tōko Machida, with music composed by Yasuharu Takanashi, Funta7 and Rega Sound. The opening theme is "Seishun wa Non-Stop!" (青春はNon-Stop!, lit. "Youth is Non-Stop!") and the ending theme is "Have a Nice Music!!", both performed by Plasmagica (Eri Inagawa, Sumire Uesaka, Manami Numakura and Ayane Sakura in Japanese, Bryn Apprill, Alexis Tipton, Caitlin Glass and Monica Rial in English).[15] Shimomura of Sanrio commented that "Sanrio is targeting males who like anime and games, a demographic we haven't targeted up until now, in order to develop cross-media marketing through games, anime, and SNS." Eri Inagawa, Cyan's voice actress, commented that "This has been a long-awaited anime adaptation. I'm so happy I could cry."[16][17][18]

The series is licensed in North America by Funimation, who simulcast the series as it aired and began streaming a dubbed version from June 7, 2015.[19][20] Funimation released the first season on Blu-ray and DVD on December 6, 2016 in North America and on February 20, 2017 in the United Kingdom.[21][22]

A short anime series titled Show By Rock!! Short!![23] aired from July 4 to September 19, 2016 and is also licensed by Funimation. The main theme is "Do-Re-Mi-Fa Party" (ドレミファPARTY) by Plasmagica.[24] A second season, Show By Rock!!#, aired from October 2 to December 18, 2016.[25][26][25] The opening theme is "Heart o Rock!!" (ハートをRock!!, lit. "We'll Rock Your Heart!!") while the ending theme is "My Song is YOU!!", both performed by Plasmagica.

A third season, titled Show by Rock!! Mashumairesh!! (SHOW BY ROCK!!ましゅまいれっしゅ!!, Shō Bai Rokku!!Mashiyumairesshu!!), is produced by Kinema Citrus and aired on Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, UNB, SUN, and TV Tokyo on January 9, 2020.[27] Seung Hui Son directs the series, with Daisuke Tazawa as the series's scriptwriter and Nobuyuki Itō as character designer. Polygon Pictures handles the series's 3D animation scenes while both Yasuharu Takanashi and Funta7 returned to compose the series's music in Pony Canyon.[28][29] Funimation has licensed the third season.[30][31] The season is listed for 12 episodes.[32]


Nick Creamer of Anime News Network gave the first episode a positive rating, stating that the "debut was a wild merry-go-round of delirious nonsense, but most of it was the enjoyable kind of nonsense" and "this was a wild and largely entertaining debut, but it also leaves me with plenty of reservations. Shows that rely on novelty to stay interesting often fizzle out quickly, and Show By Rock!!'s premise doesn't necessarily seem unique or engaging enough to have much staying power once the sparkles fade."[33] However, Amy McNulty gave the first two episodes a B+, saying that "Show By Rock!! is hard to pin down. It's like a pinch of Di Gi Charat, a dash of The Idolmaster and a quart of Sanrio-style magical girls mixed together and thrown into a frenetic cyberpunk setting. It attempts to do too much at once, yet it manages to juggle plot points fairly well so far."[34]

The popularity of the anime is also shown at the 30th Sanrio Character Ranking with Plasmagica ranking at sixth place and Shingan Crimsonz at second place.[35]


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