Show do Tom

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Show do Tom
Show do tom LOGO.jpg
Genre comedy, talk show
Created by Tom Cavalcante
Developed by Tom Cavalcante
Directed by Vildomar Batista
Presented by Tom Cavalcante
Starring Alexandre Frota
Tom Cavalcante
and others...
Country of origin Brazil
Original language(s) Portuguese
Original release 27 September 2004 – 26 December 2011
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Show do Tom was a Brazilian comedy and talk show aired by Rede Record and launched on September 27, 2004. Two years ago, the program was on Sunday at 5pm, but now is Sunday 11pm. The program has also changed; before it was recommended free for all, but now is not recommended for children under 10 years.


Tom Cavalcante (host) left Rede Globo in July, 2004. In the same year, he started a solo program on Rede Record. Directed by Vildomar Batista, this program obtained 10 points in IBOPE.

Since he was forbidden by justice of presenting the same numbers he used at Rede Globo, he began to do sketches of big productions such as O Aprendiz, hosted by Roberto Justus in Brazil. The principal comedic style of the show is improvisational comedy, with emphasis on local talents (or sometimes local street figures) or well-known celebrities. Humourists such as Tiririca and Pedro Manso were hired for the show.

The Sketches (Parodies)[edit]

  • Mister Geme a Volta do Magico Descarado (parody of Mister M, the Masked Magician);
  • Sítio Light: Mudando pra Roça (parody of The Simple Life, from Fox Life);
  • Demais pra Você — Com Ana Maria Bela e Galinho José (parody of Mais Você, hosted by Ana Maria Braga);
  • Avião do Tom;
  • Festival de Piadas;
  • Pocket Show/Sofá do Tom;
  • O Infeliz - (parody of The Apprentice, in Brazil it's hosted by Roberto Justus);
  • Arquivo Tomfidencial;
  • Bar do Canabrava;
  • Batalha dos Humoristas.

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