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Directed by Lindy Heymann
Christian Taylor
Produced by Jason Buchtel
Starring Christian Taylor
Lindy Heymann
Joe Daly
Erich Miller
Jason Buchtel
Distributed by Regent Releasing
Release date
  • June 22, 2002 (2002-06-22)
Running time
93 minutes
Language English
Budget $300,000

Showboy is a 2002 film and mockumentary that was produced by star Jason Buchtel, directed by stars Christian Taylor and Lindy Heymann, written by and starring the three. It has cameos by Whoopi Goldberg, Siegfried & Roy, Alan Ball and the cast of the television series Six Feet Under.


The film, a mockumentary that we are meant to believe is real, features around real-life screenwriter Taylor. Taylor is solicited by director Heymann to be the subject in a British television documentary series about British writers working in Hollywood. On the first day of filming this documentary, Taylor is fired from his real-life job as a screenwriter on the dramatic television series Six Feet Under. He is unaware that the documentary crew knows this has occurred.

He then relocates to Las Vegas to pursue a dream of becoming a professional showboy (a chorus line dancer). He lies to the documentary crew, purporting to be doing research for a film project. It slowly becomes evident that he is desperate to find a new career, and at the same time he slowly begins to come out of the closet and pursue romance.

Showboy went on to win Best Directorial Debut at the British Independent Film Awards and Best Film at the Milan International Film Festival.


(Note: cast is playing fictional versions of themselves)

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