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Showcase TV
Launched27 August 2008
Closed3 August 2009
Owned byCSC Media Group
Picture format4:3, 576i (SDTV)
CountryUnited Kingdom
Replaced byTrue Entertainment
Sister channel(s)Bliss
Chart Show TV
Pop Girl
Tiny Pop
True Movies
True Movies 2
The Vault
Sky DigitalChannel 188
Eutelsat 28A11642V 27500 2/3

Showcase TV was a television channel in the United Kingdom that replaced AnimeCentral on 27 August 2008. It showed a mixture of different content from other CSC Media Group channels such as Pop Girl, Chart Show TV, True Movies 2 and had retained some AnimeCentral programming, in its own block between 04:00 and 06:00 with repeats of Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Its licence first appeared on the Ofcom website in January 2007 (initially named Toon TV, this was changed to AnimeCentral in June 2007, to True Entertainment in June 2008 and to Showcase TV on August 26, 2008).


Showcase TV officially started at 06:00 on 27 August 2008. It did not receive an official launch but instead, went from AnimeCentral to Pop Girl program block straight away.

Showcase TV lineup[edit]

The original launch lineup for Showcase TV was a Pop Girl simulcast from 6am to 4pm, a Chart Show TV simulcast from 4pm to 8pm, a True Movies 2 simulcast from 8pm to 12am (two movies) and an AnimeCentral block from 12am to 3am, with the airtime from 3am to 6am sold for teleshopping.

This later changed; the teleshopping block was dropped, and the anime block was shortened and moved to 4am, such that the True Movies 2 section could extend to carry four movies between 8pm and 4am. At this point the simulcast of Pop Girl was replaced with a simulcast of Kix!. This new lineup then remained in place until the True Entertainment relaunch.

Start End Channel name
06:00 16:00 Kix!
16:00 20:00 Chart Show TV
20:00 04:00 True Movies 2
04:00 06:00 AnimeCentral

True Entertainment[edit]

Showcase TV was replaced with True Entertainment. The rebranding was scheduled for 1 July 2009, but was later put "on hold until further notice".[1][2] The change eventually took place a month later, on 3 August 2009. From that date, simulcasting of content from other CSC channels ceased, and True Entertainment launched its own schedule.


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