Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour

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Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour
Tour by Kylie Minogue
Kylie ShowgirlGHTourImage.jpg
Promotional poster for tour
Associated album Ultimate Kylie
Start date 19 March 2005
End date 7 May 2005
Legs 1
No. of shows 37 in Europe
Box office US $19.97 million (Only the UK shows were calculated.) [$24.24 million in 2016 dollars][1]
Kylie Minogue concert chronology

Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour was the eighth concert tour by Australian singer Kylie Minogue. Minogue was originally scheduled to perform in Australia and Asia during the tour, but she was forced to cancel the tour when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.[2] She resumed the tour – renamed Showgirl: The Homecoming Tour – on 11 November 2006, performing at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, with a revised set list and new costumes.[3] The tour grossed more than US$19.97 million from 23 shows in the UK alone [4] and at the conclusion of 2005, it placed 46th on Pollstar's 2005 "Top 100 Worldwide Tours" having sold 339,105 tickets throughout the year.[5]

Concert synopsis[edit]

Across the tour, each show was split into seven acts with the addition of an encore, with 27 songs performed.

The show opens with an instrumental introduction that features writing on the video screen introducing Kylie. Kylie then rises out of the stage on a platform dressed in a blue showgirl outfit. She opens the show with "Better the Devil You Know", which is quickly followed by performances of "In Your Eyes" and "Giving You Up". Minogue then performs "On a Night Like This", which begins in the style of a ballad, before resuming with the original after the first chorus. The ending is in the same style as the beginning of the song, where Minogue is taken below the stage, closing the section.

The second section, Smiley Kylie, begins with a dance interlude, that uses excerpts of "Shocked" and "Do You Dare?", before Minogue rises out of the centre of the stage as the DNA intro of "Shocked" is heard. She sings up to the middle eight, before a short segue is played using excerpts of "It's No Secret", "Keep on Pumpin' It", "Give Me Just a Little More Time" and "What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before)", which leads into a two-verse-two-chorus performance of "What Do I Have to Do", which is succeeded by another segue using an excerpt of "Over Dreaming (Over You)" and then a performance of "Spinning Around" (sampling the instrumentation of "Finally"), which is followed by a dance interlude after the middle eight using excerpts of "Step Back in Time" and "Such a Good Feeling".

The third section begins with a performance of "In Denial", a virtual duet with Neil Tennant. This is followed by a performance of "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi", before Minogue closes the act with a performance of "Confide in Me".

The fourth act, What Kylie Wants, Kylie Gets begins with a spraying sound effect during which fake showers and gym equipment rises onto the stage, before Minogue appears on a box singing "Red Blooded Woman" which features a chorus of "Where the Wild Roses Grow" before the middle eight. Minogue then performs her 2003 single "Slow" which is followed by a small flamenco interlude which precedes a performance of "Please Stay"

The fifth section begins with a cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" where Minogue rises from behind the stage on a sequined moon. This is then followed by a torch version of "Come into My World". Minogue then performs "Chocolate" on the stage, which morphs at the end of the catwalk to form a "cake", from which Minogue performs "I Believe in You". The act closes with a performance of "Dreams".

Kylesque opens with a performance of PWL track "Hand on Your Heart", where Minogue emerges on stage in front of a big heart. She then goes on to perform a jazz version of "The Locomotion" which is followed by a performance of "I Should Be So Lucky". Minogue then closes the act with a performance of "Your Disco Needs You".

The penultimate section opens with a performance version of "Put Yourself in My Place", and a performance of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" closes the main body of the show.

Minogue then performed a two-song encore, talking to the audience before performing a sing-a-long version of "Especially For You", with the audience invited to sing Jason Donovan's part. Minogue then closed the show with a performance of "Love at First Sight", with a video montage of her career shown on the video screens behind her.

Set list[edit]

Act 1: Showgirl

  1. "Overture" (Instrumental Introduction)
  2. "Better the Devil You Know"
  3. "In Your Eyes"
  4. "Giving You Up"
  5. "On a Night Like This"

Act 2: Smiley Kylie

  1. "Shocked" (contains excerpts from: "Do You Dare?", "It's No Secret", "Give Me Just a Little More Time", "Keep on Pumpin' It" and "What Kind of Fool (Heard All That Before)")
  2. "What Do I Have to Do?" (contains excerpt from "Over Dreaming (Over You)")
  3. "Spinning Around" (contains excerpts from "Step Back in Time" along with elements of "Finally", and "Such a Good Feeling")

Act 3: Denial

  1. "In Denial" (virtual duet with Neil Tennant)
  2. "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi"
  3. "Confide in Me"

Act 4: What Kylie Wants, Kylie Gets

  1. "Red Blooded Woman" / "Where the Wild Roses Grow"
  2. "Slow"
  3. "Please Stay"

Act 5: Dreams

  1. "Over the Rainbow"
  2. "Come into My World"
  3. "Chocolate"
  4. "I Believe in You"
  5. "Dreams"

Act 6: Kylesque

  1. "Hand on Your Heart"
  2. "The Loco-Motion"
  3. "I Should Be So Lucky"
  4. "Your Disco Needs You"

Act 7: Minx in Space

  1. "Put Yourself in My Place"
  2. "Can't Get You Out of My Head"


  1. "Especially for You"
  2. "Love at First Sight"

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
19 March 2005 Glasgow Scotland SECC
20 March 2005
22 March 2005
23 March 2005
24 March 2005
26 March 2005 Paris France Zénith de Paris
27 March 2005 Rotterdam Netherlands Ahoy Rotterdam
28 March 2005 Antwerp Belgium Sportpaleis
30 March 2005 Vienna Austria Wiener Stadthalle
31 March 2005 Munich Germany Olympiahalle
1 April 2005 Basel Switzerland St. Jakobshalle
3 April 2005 Aalborg Denmark Gigantium
4 April 2005 Hamburg Germany Color Line Arena
5 April 2005 Cologne Kölnarena
7 April 2005 Dublin Ireland Point Theatre
8 April 2005
9 April 2005
11 April 2005
12 April 2005
15 April 2005 Birmingham England NEC Arena
16 April 2005
17 April 2005
19 April 2005
20 April 2005
21 April 2005
23 April 2005 Manchester Manchester Evening News Arena
24 April 2005
26 April 2005
27 April 2005
28 April 2005
30 April 2005 London Earls Court
1 May 2005
2 May 2005
4 May 2005
5 May 2005
6 May 2005
7 May 2005

Box office score data[edit]

Venue City Tickets sold/available Gross revenue
NEC Birmingham 65,976 / 65,976 (100%) $4,572,554
SECC Glasgow 43,100 / 43,100 (100%) $3,040,468
MEN Arena Manchester 74,060 / 74,060 (100%) $5,234,740
Earls Court London 105,840 / 105,840 (100%) $7,125,132
TOTAL 288,976 / 288,976 (100%) $19,972,894

Broadcasts and recordings[edit]

Main articles: Kylie Showgirl and Showgirl EP

Minogue performance in London, England on 6 May 2005 was filmed for TV broadcast and DVD release. The performance was released on DVD and Universal Media Disc on 28 November 2005. The DVD also featured "Behind the Feathers", a documentary, screensavers and exclusive photographs.[6]

The DVD reached number twenty-six on Australia's End of the Year Music DVD Chart in 2005.[7] It was certified platinum in the UK in 2005 and four times platinum in Australia in 2006.[8][9] Kylie Showgirl was nominated for "Best Music DVD" at the 2006 ARIA Music Awards, losing to Eskimo Joe.[10]

On 12 December 2005, Minogue released a digital EP featuring eight songs recorded in London, England during the Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour.[11]


  • Russel Thomas - director
  • Bill Lord - executive producer
  • Kylie Minogue - executive producer
  • Terry Blamey - executive producer
  • William Baker - creative director
  • Alan MacDonald - creative director
  • Steve Anderson - musical producer
  • Sean Fitzpatrick - tour manager
  • Michael Rooney - choreography
  • Rafael Bonachela - choreography
  • John Galliano - costume design
  • Karl Lagerfeld - costume design
  • Julien Macdonald - costume design
  • Ed Meadham - costume design
  • Gareth Pugh - costume design
  • Manolo Blahnik - shoes
  • Bvlgari - jewelry
  • Stephen Jones - millinery
  • Karen Alder - hair stylist


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