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Showoff is Showoff's self-titled album and their first major label record, released on Maverick Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Backstab
  2. Spill
  3. Ralphie
  4. Falling Star
  5. Bully
  6. Second Chance
  7. Someone
  8. This Time
  9. Unspoken Words
  10. Tell Me
  11. Gone
  12. Coalition
  13. The Anti-Song

This album features "Falling Star", which received airplay on MTV in 1999.

The song "Spill" was featured on the soundtrack for Digimon the Movie.

The song "Coalition" was featured on the PSX game Street Sk8er 2.

The song "The Anti-Song" features vocals by John Feldmann of Goldfinger.

Hidden track includes the song "Hey".


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