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Video by Blur
Released 13 February 1995 (VHS)
Recorded 1994
Genre Britpop, Indie rock
Length (VHS/DVD)
Label EMI
Blur chronology
No Distance Left to Run

Showtime is a video recording by British rock band Blur, released in February 1995. It is a recording of the band's gig at Alexandra Palace, London, England on 7 October 1994.[1] For many years, the video has only been released in the UK on VHS. A cult following to get it released on DVD occurred amongst fans[citation needed], which became successful as a DVD version is included on Blur 21 boxset, released 30 July 2012.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lot 105"
  2. "Sunday Sunday"
  3. "Jubilee"
  4. "Tracy Jacks"
  5. "Magic America"
  6. "End of a Century"
  7. "Popscene"
  8. "Trouble in the Message Centre"
  9. "She's So High"
  10. "Chemical World"
  11. "Badhead"
  12. "There's No Other Way"
  13. "To the End"
  14. "Advert"
  15. "Supa Shoppa"
  16. "Mr. Robinson's Quango"
  17. "Parklife"
  18. "Girls & Boys"
  19. "Bank Holiday"
  20. "This Is a Low"


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