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NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling (SAW)
Acronym NWA SAW
Founded 2007
Style Professional wrestling
Headquarters Nashville, Tennessee
Founder(s) Reno Riggins, Paul Adams, TJ Weatherby
Owner(s) Reno Riggins and TJ Weatherby (2007-2009)
Reno Riggins (2009-2013)
National Wrestling Alliance (2013-Present)
Formerly Southern All-Star Wrestling (2007-2009)
Showtime All-Star Wrestling (2009-2012)
NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling (2012-2016)
Website nwasaw.tv

NWA Inferno formally Showtime All-Star Wrestling and NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling is an American professional wrestling promotion based in Nashville, Tennessee.


SAW began as a promotion in April, 2007, by then business partners Reno Riggins and TJ Weatherby at Weatherby’s “SAW Mill,” in Millersville, Tennessee. In 2009, Riggins and Weatherby had a falling out, and Riggins left. He then began to run shows in Nashville, at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. SAW then ran shows at the Former Freddie Morton's Auction House (redubbed the new "SAW Mill") which now is an Antique Shop in Columbia, Tennessee, and at the Old Armory Building in Pulaski, Tennessee. Until 2012, SAW toured as well. On November 11, 2012 SAW teamed with the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) to form the New NWA SAW, in addition, SAW returned to Millersville, Tennessee and changed their entire format going under the all new NWA SAW Branding. As of March 2015, NWA SAW moved out of the SAWMill in Millersville, and now currently do events in different venues across Middle Tennessee. Beginning in 2016, NWA SAW was rebranded to NWA Inferno.


SAW began broadcasting exclusively on cable on Comcast Cable channel 49 on saturday nights at midnight. Then in 2009, SAW moved to Nashville’s WNAB, broadcasting on saturday nights at 8:00 P.M, and also began to be syndicated throughout the country. In 2010, SAW moved to 9:00 P.M., then in 2011 moved to 10:00 P.M. In 2012, SAW Moved to sundays at 10:00 P.M., then in 2013 moved to 11:00 P.M., then moved to early sunday mornings at 2:00 A.M. beginning in 2014. In the fall of 2015, SAW left WNAB, and was broadcast on internet only, until 2016 when SAW returned to television, and made its return to Comcast Cable channel 49 on Saturday nights at midnight. Also beginning in 2016, NWA SAW was rebranded to NWA Inferno.


Male wrestlers[edit]

Ring name Notes
Ali Shabazz NWA Southern Jr. Heavyweight Champion
Andy Anderson
Arrick Andrews NWA National Champion
Prime Time Brian Lee
Bubba Gordon
Chase Owens
Chase Stevens
Cliff Compton
Cody Weatherby
Corey Crews
Damien Wayne
Drew Haskins
Dylan Bostic
Gator McAllister
Hot Rod Biggs
Jason Kincaid
Jason Nation
Jeremiah Plunkett NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion
Jocephus Brody
Kevin Weatherby
Kerry Awful
Kid Kash
Lance Erikson
The Lightning Bolt Kid
L. T. Falk
Outlaw Lee Condry
Nick Iggy
Nore Havoc
Shane Williams
Shawn Hoodrich
Shawn Shultz NWA Television Champion
Tim Jernigan NWA Southern Tag Team Champion
Tyson Dean

Female wrestlers[edit]

Ring name Notes
Eve Valet to Jocephus Brody
Hallie Shadows
Heidi Lovelace Valet to Dylan Bostic
Miss Rachel
Taeler Hendrix


Team name Members Notes
Prime Time Outlaws "Prime Time" Brian Lee & Lee Condry
Team I.O.U. Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful
The Hero Killers Nore Havoc and Tim Renesto
Kevin Weatherby and Hammerjack NWA SAW Southern Tag Team Champions

On-Air Talent[edit]

  • Tony Falk - SAW Operation Manager
  • TJ Weatherby - SAW Promoter (Deceased)
  • Jack Johnson – Play-by-play Commentator
  • Hot Rod Biggs - Play-by-play Commentator
  • Ella de La Vega - Ring Announcer
  • Jimmy Street - Manager
  • Brewster Fetter (A.K.A. “Brother Brew”) - Manager
  • The Madd Hatter Judas - Manager
  • Lekisha Oliver - Media Relations
  • Krull - Media Production
  • Reno Riggins – SAW Management
  • Mike Sircy - NWA Management
  • Anthony Wayne – Referee
  • Billy Woods - Referee


Championship Champion(s) Previous Date Won Location
NWA Television Championship Drew Haskins Jeremiah Plunkett November 21, 2014 Millersville, TN
NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship Jeremiah Plunkett Greg Anthony November 14, 2015 Nashville, TN
NWA Southern Tag Team Championship Tim Jernigan and Hammerjack Tyson Dean and Andy Anderson July 2015 Cookeville, TN
NWA Southern Light Heavyweight Championship Corey Crews LBK November 21, 2014 Millersville, TN

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