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Stephinmerritt showtunes.jpg
Soundtrack album by Stephin Merritt
Released March 16, 2006
Genre Indie pop
Length 48:33
Label Nonesuch
Stephin Merritt chronology
Pieces of April
(2003)Pieces of April2003

Showtunes is the result of collaboration between Stephin Merritt with Chen Shi-zheng on three pieces of musical theatre; Orphan of Zhao (2003), Peach Blossom Fan (2004), and My Life as a Fairy Tale (2005). Select tracks from these are featured on this album. It was released on Nonesuch Records on March 16, 2006 but was available from peer-to-peer networks from February 20, 2006. The remainder of songs from the shows were released exclusively through online music stores.


Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Source Rating
Metacritic (69/100) link
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars link
The Guardian 2/5 stars link
Pitchfork Media (7.5/10.0) link
Robert Christgau (dud) link
Slant Magazine 3/5 stars link

The album received generally favorable reviews from critics; on Metacritic, it has a score of 69 out of 100.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Theme from The Orphan of Zhao" – 00:59
  2. "At Madam Plum's" [From Peach Blossom Fan] – 02:35
  3. "The Top and the Ball" [From My Life as a Fairy Tale] – 01:49
  4. "What a Fucking Lovely Day!" [From Orphan of Zhao] – 01:22
  5. "Auntie Toothache" [From My Life as a Fairy Tale] – 02:48
  6. "It's Hard to Be the Emperor" [From Peach Blossom Fan] – 01:08
  7. "Sounds Expensive" [From Peach Blossom Fan] – 01:36
  8. "The Red Shoes" [From My Life as a Fairy Tale] – 01:43
  9. "Fan Dance Cha-Cha" [From Peach Blossom Fan] – 01:17
  10. "The Little Maiden of the Sea" [From My Life as a Fairy Tale] – 03:53
  11. "Ukulele Me!" [From Peach Blossom Fan] – 01:08
  12. "Train Song" [From Orphan of Zhao] – 01:17
  13. "The Little Hebrew Girl" [From My Life as a Fairy Tale] – 02:10
  14. "Shall We Sing a Duet?" [From Peach Blossom Fan] – 00:55
  15. "The Song of the Humble Serf" [From Orphan of Zhao] – 00:56
  16. "The Collar and the Garter" [From My Life as a Fairy Tale] – 01:40
  17. "Shall We Sing a Duet?" (Reprise) [From Peach Blossom Fan] – 01:38
  18. "Sorry, Wrong Show" [From Peach Blossom Fan] – 01:41
  19. "The Storks" [From My Life as a Fairy Tale] – 01:24
  20. "In the Spring, When I Was Young" [From Orphan of Zhao] – 02:02
  21. "The Ugly Little Duck" [From My Life as a Fairy Tale] – 03:41
  22. "And He Would Say..." [From Peach Blossom Fan] – 03:02
  23. "The World is Not Made of Flowers" [From Orphan of Zhao] – 01:14
  24. "Behold the Lowly Centipede" [From Peach Blossom Fan] – 01:41
  25. "In China, Said the Moon..." [From My Life as a Fairy Tale] – 03:37
  26. "Hail! Son of Heaven" [From Peach Blossom Fan] – 01:06