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Shraddha (Devotion)
Shraddha TV series logo.jpg
A promotional logo image of "Shraddha".
Directed by Pawan Sahu, Inder Das , Devashish Dhar

Neha Janpandit

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Opening theme "Shraddha" by Alka Yagnik
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 80
Producer(s) Manish Goswami
Running time Approx. 24 minutes
Production company(s) Siddhant Cinevision
Original network STAR Plus
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Original release 28 September 2009 – 15 January 2010

Shraddha was an Indian television series which aired on STAR Plus channel. It is a tale about the Jaiswal family based in Ujjain.[1]


Shraddha is the story of a girl named Shraddha (Neha Jhanpandit) who resides in Ujjain with her family – parents, chacha-chachi, 2 older brothers and 2 sisters-in-law. She has another brother who studies in Pune. Shraddha is going to get married to Amit(Gaurav Vadehra) whom her parents have selected for her. Both of them like each other as well. Shraddha’s actual aim in life is to fulfill her parent’s dreams to visit the char dhams and complete the ritual taken forth by ancestors of their family. In this time, Shraddha’s third brother visits the family. Life seems very good but Shraddha doesn’t know her sisters-in-law and middle brother are actually conspiring against them and doesn’t want her parents to go to the pilgrimage and so money is saved.

Meanwhile, her chacha-chachi instigates Ashok (third brother, played by (Siddharth Sethi) to start a business of his own. They give him money but also steal it thus proving them great and also saving their money. Finally Shraddha’s parents hand him over their pilgrimage money. Shraddha gets upset as she doesn’t want her parent’s dream to get ruined and so she asks Amit to make their marriage ceremony simple. Amit and his parents agree and so the pilgrimage money is saved and the money stored for Shraddha’s wedding comes to Ashok. But a shocker comes when the pilgrimage money is stolen as well but it is actually done by Shraddha’s sisters-in-law and middle brother. Shraddha requests Ashok to hand over his business money to his parents but Ashok runs away from home.

So Shraddha takes the bold step to prove herself as a dutiful daughter and asks Amit to postpone their wedding. But Amit refuses and their marriage is broken. Shraddha feels guilty for hurting Amit. She chooses to go on with life with all the ill-treatment from her sisters-in-law and middle brother. She slowly learns her chacha-chachi too are mean and want to usurp their house. The only one she can call her own is her parents and eldest brother, Santosh (Kashif Khan). But life is once again mean to her when she meets Swayam (Barun Sobti) who says he is a photographer but actually wants to usurp their house to make a mall. He is the brother of Satya Sarkar who is in league with her chacha-chachi. In order to raise money, Shraddha accepts to work with him and became good friends but she is still unaware of the truth. Later his truth is exposed only after she gets the money. What’s more she also gets framed of being in an affair with him! Her family throws her out and even Santosh loses faith leaving Shraddha completely shattered. Her parents are very hurt with these things and leave house. They meet up with Shraddha in the temple and believe her. Together they go to stay with Pratima who is Shraddha’s friend.

Now the focus shifts to Pratima’s life and her own troubles. She can’t conceive which is why her husband doesn’t give her the rights of a wife, misbehaves with her and even slaps her. Another shocker comes to the viewers when it is known she is Satya Sarkar’s wife. So Shraddha is living in Swayam’s house! Shraddha comes to know Pratima’s plight and emotionally supports her. Once again in order for money Shraddha’s sisters-in-law, middle brother, chacha-chachi, Ashok and his girlfriend come together. Santosh knows the whole truth now and blasts at his family. While the others search for them to get signed at the property papers, Santosh is guilty and that’s why wants to find his parents. Meanwhile Pratima comes to Satya and Swayam’s search for Shraddha as they too want her signs for the mall as Shraddha is the sole owner of the land. When Pratima comes to know this, she manages to send Shraddha away.

Swayam decides to marry Shraddha and then get her sign willingly. Pratima overhears this plan and warn her family. Satya come to know of Pratima’s backfire and eventually throws her out but later also brings her back before breaking all their ties. On the other hand Swayam finds and says sorry to Shraddha, Shraddha refuses to forgive him but her parents agree. Swayam helps Shraddha’s mother to recover her eyesight as she is blind and Shraddha forgives him. Then Swayam asks for Shraddha’s hand in marriage. Everything goes alright until Swayam starts feeling guilty as he has fallen in love with Shraddha. Finally he reveals the truth and leaves. Shraddha is heartbroken. Manoj (middle brother, played by (Siddharth Dhawan) finds Shraddha’s parents, ask for forgiveness and takes them back home. Shraddha agrees to get married to Raja (Vineet Kumar) who is actually a goon. Santosh doesn’t want it but Namrata (his wife, played by(Karuna Pandey) convinces him that otherwise she would be married to Swayam who will make her pay forever and also they will later save her from Raja. Swayam comes to know it and rushes to save Shraddha’s life. Raja is jailed, Shraddha forgives Swayam, the family is repentant and finally Shraddha Swayam get married before happiness also knocks Pratima’s life as she reveals the truth he is impotent and not her. Satya accepts her as his wife and also asks for forgiveness.


Performed by Character Role
Neha Janpandit Shraddha Swayam Khurana Female Lead
Barun Sobti Swayam Khurana Male Lead
Satya Sarkar
Sudhir Dalvi Jagdish Jaiswal Shraddha's Father
Sukanya Kulkarni Laxmi Jaiswal Shraddha's Mother
Kashif Khan Santosh Jaiswal
Karuna Pandey Namrata Jaiswal Shraddha's Aunt
Siddharth Dhawan Manoj Jaiswal
Shashank Sethi
Trilok Jaiswal
Gudiya Jaiswal


Shraddha launched on 28 September 2009, day of Dussehra,[citation needed] as a daily soap broadcast on STAR Plus; it aired Monday to Friday and occupied the 7 pm slot.[2] The male lead, played by newcomer Barun Sobti,[3] entered the show around two months after its launch.[4]


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