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Old map of Shramkivka in the 18th century
Coat of arms of Pavlo Polubotok

Shramkivka (Ukrainian: Шрамківка) is an urban-type settlement in Cherkasy Oblast, Ukraine.


Modern Shramkivka was formed on the basis of four ancient cossack little villages - khutors: Shramkivka, Polubotkivka, Shelykhovka and Ivanivka.

According to one of versions here in 1660 at khutor Polubotivka was born Ukrainian hetman Pavlo Polubotok).

Shramkivka middle school, 17.06.1941 - 5 days before the beginning of Great Patriotic War with fascists
teacher Ivan Goncharenko with pupils of Shramkivka school, October 1988

Coordinates: 50°08′00″N 32°08′00″E / 50.1333333433°N 32.1333333433°E / 50.1333333433; 32.1333333433