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Shrapnel Games, Inc.
Industry Computer and video game industry
Founded 1999
Headquarters Apex, NC 27502, USA
Products Video games localization and publishing

Shrapnel Games is an independent American video game publisher that specializes in the strategy and role playing genres, particularly turn-based strategy games. It was founded in 1999 by Tim Brooks in Cary, North Carolina. Originally intended to publish the sequel to Brooks' own game, 101st, All American: The 82nd Airborne in Normandy, it quickly branched out into publishing other graphically light strategy titles which were ignored by the mainstream video game industry[citation needed]. To date, these have included Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, Dominions II and Dominions 3: The Awakening, BCT Commander, Armored Task Force, Air Assault Task Force, WinSPMBT and WinSPWW2.

Shrapnel Games currently publishes games for the following developers:

  • Chronic Reality: Scott Wakeling
  • The Camo Workshop: Andrew Gailey, Don Goodbrand
  • Digital Eel: Rich Carlson, Ilkka Keränen, and Phosphorous
  • Gilligames: Todd M. Gillissie
  • Hyperborea Studios: Xavi Rubio, Ruben Zubillaga
  • Illwinter Game Design: Johan Karlsson, Kristoffer Osterman
  • Joe's Games: Joe Jaworski
  • KE Studios, LLC: John Hawkins
  • NeppaGames: Chet Makuch, Pat Merkel
  • OneGames: Brian Gantt
  • ProSim Company: Pat Proctor, Curt Pangracs, Gary Bezant
  • SprueGames: Andrew Lonon
  • Tonio Loewald[1]


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