Shred (film)

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Promotional poster
Directed by David Mitchell
Produced by Randy Cheveldave
Written by David Mitchell
Francis Mitchell
John Mitchell
Starring Tom Green
Dave England
Carlo Marks
Mike Miller
Edited by Timothy J Smith
Release dates
November 11, 2008[1]
Country Canada
Language English

Shred is a snowboarding comedy film starring Tom Green that was filmed along with its sequel Shred 2 at Big White Ski Resort and Silver Star Mountain Resort, two ski resorts in British Columbia, Canada.[2]


Shred is a motion picture that tells the story of two washed up pro snowboarders from the 1990s named Max (Dave England) and Eddy (Mike Miller) who attempt to cash in on the fantastic growth of the sport by starting their own snowboard camp. Hoping to recapture their former glory, they begin by sharing their wacky wisdom with a group of up and coming young snowboarders. The story takes them from the run down ski hill where they grew up to a major event at one of the biggest resorts in the west.

The pair face off against Kingsley Brown (Tom Green), a deviously sleazy corporate snowboard rep and nemesis to Max and Eddy. With the assistance of his lackey Sphinx (Shane Meier), the underhanded Kingsley sets out to ruin the ambitions of Max and Eddy by any means necessary.



The film was directed by David Mitchell. The Second Unit Director and Stunt coordinator for the film is Doug Chapman


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