Shreedeep Rayamajhi

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Shreedeep Rayamajhi
Shreedeep Rayamajhi
Activist Shreedeep Rayamajhi protesting against Political Deadlock of Nepal
Born(1983-02-16)February 16, 1983[1]
ResidenceKathmandu, Nepal[1]
Known forInternet activism, Blogging, Journalism, Political activism[1]

Shreedeep Rayamajhi (Nepali:श्रीदिप रायमाझी) is a Nepalese Journalist, online activist and blogger.[1] He is well known locally and internationally for his continuous Journalism, Blogs and activism against political deadlock and human rights issues of Nepal. He is a former reporter of Rising Nepal, a National Daily, and a regular news contributor on CNN iReport and GroundReport. Voicing issues of concern, he also writes about internet governance, climate change and violence against women through his blogs, he is also a fellow graduate from the DiploFoundation on Internet Governance[2] and Climate Change.[3] He is the founder of Rayznews an Internet Organization.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Rayamajhi was born to Laxman Shumsher and Gauri Rayamajhi on February 16, 1983 in Kathmandu, Nepal. He completed his school level education from Saraswati Boarding Higher Secondary School. He graduated from Tribhuvan University as Management student.[5] Rayamajhi joined the Diplo Internet Governance Capacity Building Course in 2009 and further completed his Advance degree in Cyber security.[6] He completed his research phase with "Cyber Terrorism and Warfare".[7]


Publication Position Website
The Real Estate Magazine Founding Editor
Rayznews Founder
Travel Nepal Magazine Founding Editor

Activist career[edit]

Rayamajhi has been associated with journalism and political activism. He started his career with The Rising Nepal as a reporter and was further associated with Nepal Traveller Tourism Magazine, he was the First Associate Editor of Travel Nepal Magazine. He has regularly contributed on CNNireport and GroundReport on various local events, since 2008.[8] He has been an outspoken blogger,[9] writing on popular social and political matters, such as; Internet governance and political deadlock. Along with Nepal Unites, a young league of political activists, he has successfully organized events to appeal lawmakers to expedite Nepal's Constitution Drafting process.[10] The rally attracted huge number of crowd, which was covered by News agencies, and was also filmed by IRIN NEWS.[11][12]

Physical assault and threat[edit]

The Center for Human Rights and Democratic Studies, a member of IFEX, condemned the attack by unidentified persons against Rayamajhi, on 16 November, 2010 for his reporting on political matters to local and international news agencies. He received numerous threatening emails in connection with his online reporting to CNNireport and GroundReport. The center also condemned the action of local law enforcement for lacking to provide security to local reporter, and arrest the perpetrator(s).[13]

CPJ's appeal on the matter got unattended by local authorities, to investigate and punish whoever was responsible.[14][15]

Internet governance advocacy[edit]

Following the participatory approach of multistakeholderism, Rayamajhi Chaired the Fishbowl session on cyber security at APSIG2017 at the Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.[16] In Jan 2017, Shreedeep was nominated as the member of the Board Member Selection Process Committee (BMSPC) of ICANN.[17] He joined the Steering Committee Member of the Internet Rights and Principle Coalition (IRPC) (2016 to 2017).[18] He was involved with various aspect of raising awareness about regional and national IGF Initiative and was part of developing the National and Regional Initiative Tool kit.[19]

Lobbying the issue of Open WSIS+10 Preparatory Process, he is one of the signatories of the open WSIS campaign .[20] He is the Member of the Multi-stakeholder steering Group(MSG) of Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum(APrIGF) and has served in various committee from 2013.[21] In 2015 he was shortlisted by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority as a Consultant for ICT Development in a roster of consultant for the ICT Industry.[22]

Similarly, in July 2015, Rayamajhi was selected as a Selection Committee member for the United Nations President of the General Assembly's informal interactive consultations on World Summit on the Information Society+10[23]

He is also the Research and Development committee Member of the Federation of Computer Association of Nepal.[24]

Highlighting the scope and role of Internet Governance process in Asia Pacific he was awarded the Internet Governance Forum Internet Society returning Ambassador 2015 for João Pessoa, Brazil, from 10 to 13 November 2015.[25][26][27]

He was awarded the Prestigious Internet Society Ambassador 2014 for Istanbul, Turkey from 2–5 September 2014 where he participated in various workshop and sessions.[28]

In 2013, he was awarded the Internet Society Internet Governance Forum fellowship for Indonesia, Bali.[29]

Nepal School of Internet Governance 2018[edit]

The npSIG was organized from 19 and 20 January 2018 at the Information and communication Technology Center, Institute of Engineering Pulchowk. [30] He was one of the organizers and also chaired the fellowship committee. He also made a presentation about internet ecosystem in Nepal.[31] Rayamajhi also hosted a Role play session giving the participant a real life experience of multistakeholder. [32]

Nepal Internet Governance Forum 2017[edit]

Shreedeep is one of the Signatories of the Nepal IGF.[33] He played a significant role in raising awareness about Nepal IGF through his blogs and articles.[citation needed] Working with various stakeholders and community leaders, shreedeep is elected as the Multistakeholder Steering group Member in the Nepal IGF.[34] The objective of the Nepal IGF is to create a common platform for harnessing multistakeholder environment promoting open standards and lessening Digital Divide.[citation needed]

  • Program Committee Member of the first Nepal IGF 2017 .[35]
  • Multistakeholder Steering Committee Member of the first Nepal IGF 2017 .[36]
  • Nepal IGF Signatories of Declaration .[37]
  • Nepal IGF proposal for 2015.[38]

Internet Society Nepal[edit]

Shreedeep is one of the founding members of Internet Society Nepal and currently holds the honorary Life Membership of Internet Society of Nepal. He served as the founding Secretary (2009 to 2011) for his first term period and during the second term, he served as the Treasurer from (2011–2013).[39] He regularly contributes through various committees and provides suggestion and recommendation on the matters regarding Internet governance and law to the executive committee.

  • Financial Sub Committee Head of Computer Association Nepal IT Conference[40]
  • Technical Committee Member for Web Competition 2013[41]

Nepal earthquake of 2015[edit]

During the April 2015 Nepal earthquake, Shreedeep Rayamajhi with the help of volunteers and social media organized various relief and rehabilitation program in various earthquake hit region. The relief operation included raising awareness about health hazards issues, life-saving skills and distribution of food materials.[42][43]

With the intention of sharing the knowledge and experience, he further participated in the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) 2016 held from 26–29 July 2016, at Taipei Taiwan organizing a session on “Disaster and Disabilities in terms of Crisis & Management” creating a better understanding of disaster and technology at times of need.[44][45]

Social media awareness campaigns and contributions[edit]

  • During the Devastating April 2015 Nepal earthquake, he and a group of volunteers conducted various relief operation in and around the earthquake hit region.[46][47]
  • Supporter of "An Internet Free and secure" Campaign[48]
  • Public comment on IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal – Public Comment Form[49]
  • Researching about issues of women and celebrating the 16 days of protest against Violence against women, this year he came out with a research document[50]
  • Recommendations for World Summit on the Information Society +10[51]
  • In December 2014 He started the "Internet Standardization in Nepal" Campaign which later took the form of a report.[52] Similarly on the same Global Voices Reported.[53]
  • He was one of the lead campaigners of the Let There be Lights,[54] A protest against the problem of power cut which happened on February 18, 2012 Saturday at Lainchaur ground.
  • In April 2011, voicing the rights of the Internet Service Providers of Nepal, he was one of the first person to protest against the arrest of Internet Service Providers Association Nepal members through his article[55] which later led to the "Shutdown Nepal" a social awareness campaign.[56]
  • Likewise, he started the Red Revolution MOvement[57] that later resulted in many political and social events.
  • Rayamajhi was one of the lead faces of Facebook Activism in Nepal with Common Youth stand up[58] and Nepal Unites[59]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • Featured in CIMA: Advocating for Openness: Nine Ways Civil Society Groups Have Mobilized to Defend Internet Freedom[60]
  • Winner of the APSIG-Amazon Fellowship for IGF 2017 [61]
  • Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum 2017, Thailand Fellowship awardee[62]
  • Fellow of the Asia Pacific School of Internet Governance APSIG 2016[63]
  • Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum 2016, Taiwan Fellow[64]
  • Participated as a fellow for the 18th Oxford Annenberg Media Policy Summer Institute[65]
  • Represented as the Internet Society Internet Governance Forum 2015 Ambassador in João Pessoa, Brazil[66]
  • Awarded the Prestigious Internet Society IGF 2014 Ambassador representing Nepal[67]
  • World Bank Blog quoted him as A fervent desire for change[68]
  • Center for International Media Assistance(CIMA)listed him in their Report:Profiles of Blogging: How do Bloggers Around the World Practise their Craft[69]
  • Participated in the Internet Governance Forum 2013[70] as the fellow of Internet Society
  • GroundReport has recognized his contributions on-site and awarded him twice for his two best articles, in December 2012.[71][72]
  • GroundReport Recognition Awards April 2011[73]

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