Shrewsbury, Kentucky

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Shrewsbury is a declining rural unincorporated community located within Grayson County, Kentucky, United States. In 1900, it was a settlement in its own right,[1] but today it seems to be less well-defined, and many maps do not show it. It dates to as early as 1833, and was originally called Territory,[2] but later renamed in honor of Judge James W. Shrewsbury.[2] Its first postmaster was Reuben Tingle.[2] He was succeeded by four others, until 1933, when the post office was closed.[2] The town was incorporated as a Kentucky city in 1895, but lost that status in 1901.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 37°22′44″N 86°23′05″W / 37.37889°N 86.38472°W / 37.37889; -86.38472