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Shrewsbury Hospital was one of the earliest hospitals built in Sheffield, in Yorkshire, England.


Although founded in 1627, the hospital, built by Gilbert Talbot, 13th Earl of Shrewsbury, opened in 1672.

The Earl wanted to cater for 1500, but although Gilbert was generous, there was not enough money to build the structure he had in mind. Due to further arguments and the civil unrest, the hospital was then built by the Duke of Norfolk along Sheaf Bridge.

The original hospital was in the town's centre and prone to floods and some patients died unnecessarily due to these floods.

In 1823 a new site on Norfolk Road was chosen to house the new buildings and reopened in 1827. It was built in Gothic style. It was considered one of the finest houses in the land and has recently received a multi-million pound makeover and received a new frontage.


Coordinates: 53°22′38″N 1°27′26″W / 53.3772°N 1.4571°W / 53.3772; -1.4571