Shri Guru Madiwaleshwara

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Shri Guru Madiwaleshwara - saint whose resting place is small town called Garag near Dharwad, Karnataka state in India.

According to religious books, Shri Guru Madiwaleshwara is an incarnation of Veerabhadra. Lord Veerabhadra incarnated as an infant lying on the banks of a river, who was found by Kittur Kingdom's guru. Upon finding Shri Guru Madiwaleshwara as baby, Kittur Kingdom's guru handed him over to Rani Kittur Chennamma to take care of him.

During his lifetime, Shri Guru Madiwaleshwara travelled across India as well as Nepal. During his travel, he met many kings, pandits, gurus. For resurrecting faith in many people and to kill arrogance of many, he performed many miracles which establish him being a divine personality.

Saint Shishunala Sharif[1] and Nagalinga Swamy of Navalgund were some of the saints who were known to Shri Guru Madiwaleshwara. These saints often met each other.

In Garag, there is a Matha and temple of Shri Guru Madiwaleshwara, where every year sometime in February or March, grand festival is organised when lakhs of devotees from all over the place come to take part in it. The Mutt is managed by 4th generation guruji.

The first book detailing lifetime of Shri Guru Madiwaleshwara was written by Shri Ishwar Sankal.