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Shriekfest 2011 Poster
Location Los Angeles, California, United States
Language International

Shriekfest Horror Film Festival is a film festival specializing in the horror genre. It is the longest running horror festival in Los Angeles.


Shriekfest Horror Film Festival was founded in July 2001.[1] It is the oldest continually running genre festival in Los Angeles, California. It is held in October at Raleigh Studios on Melrose Boulevard in the Charlie Chaplin Theatre.[2]

The festival was founded by actress Denise Gossett[3] with her partner Kimberlee Beeson.[4] Gossett came up with the idea after starring in the horror film Chain of Souls.[5] She realized there was a scarcity of film festivals and competitions for the horror genre.[6] She and Beeson created Shriekfest in the hopes that young and upcoming filmmakers and screenwriters would find in it an outlet for their talent. Their partnership lasted until 2003, after which time Todd Beeson became the new partner in the festival.[7]

Shriekfest awards multiple prizes for horror films and screenplays. It also awards films in the science fiction, fantasy, and thriller categories. Prizes include trophies, as well as cash, product awards, and publicity.[8]

The festival also has an under-18 category open to young filmmakers and screenwriters.[9]

Shriekfest went green in 2010 and now accepts screenplays and films via email.[10]


Shriekfest awards can vary from year to year at judges' requests and have included the following categories.[11] In 2010 two new categories were added to the competition: Webisode and Original Song.[12]

  • Best Horror Feature Film
  • Best Sci-Fi Feature Film
  • Best Fantasy Feature Film
  • Best Thriller Feature Film
  • Best Short Film
  • Best Supershort Film (under 10 minutes)
  • Best Feature Screenplay
  • Best Short Screenplay
  • Best Acting Performance
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Special FX
  • Best Under-18 Film
  • Best Under-18 Screenplay
  • Pretty/Scary Award (portrayal of women in horror)
  • Audience Choice Award

Past winners[edit]


The following are 2016's full-length feature film award winners:[13][14]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film Capture Kill Release Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film Occupants Russ Emanuel
Best Thriller Feature Film Dead Awake Phillip Guzman


The following are 2015's full-length feature film award winners:[13][14]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film Interior Zachary Beckler
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film The Answer Iqbal Ahmed
Best Thriller Feature Film Landmine Goes Click Levan Bakhia


The following are 2014's full-length feature film award winners:[13][14]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film Berkshire County Audrey Cummings
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film Time Lapse Bradley King
Best Thriller Feature Film Nightmare Code Mark Netter


The following are 2013's full-length feature film award winners:[13][14]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film An American Terror Haylar Garcia
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film Abducted Glen Scantlebury and Lucy Phillips
Best Thriller Feature Film The Last Light Andrew Hyatt


The following are 2012's full-length feature film award winners:[13][14]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film Nailbiter Patrick Rea
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film Found in Time Arthur Vincie
Best Thriller Feature Film It's in the Blood Scooter Downey


The following are 2011's full-length feature film award winners:[13][14]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film Absentia Mike Flanagan
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film Pig Henry Barrial
Best Supernatural Feature Film The Dead Inside Travis Betz
Best Thriller Feature Film Isle of Dogs Tammi Sutton


The following are 2010's full-length feature film award winners:[15]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film Ashes Elias Matar
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film Transfer Damir Lukacevic
Audience Choice Award Grey Skies Kai Blackwood


The following are 2009's full-length feature film award winners:[16]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film Dark House Darin Scott
Best Sci-Fi Fantasy Film Spike Robert Beaucage
Audience Choice Award Lo Travis Betz


The following are 2008's full-length feature film award winners:[17]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film Bane James Eaves
Best Thriller Feature Film Alien Raiders Ben Rock
Audience Choice Award The Open Door Doc Duhame


The following are 2007's full-length feature film award winners:[18][19]

Award Film Director
Best Feature Film The Chair Brett Sullivan
Pretty/Scary Award The Cellar Door Matt Zettell
Audience Choice Award The Cellar Door Matt Zettell


The following are 2006's full-length feature film award winners:[20]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film The Other Side Gregg Bishop
Audience Choice Award Bad Reputation Jimmy Hemphill
Best Cinematography Penny Dreadful Richard Brandes


The following are 2005's full-length feature film award winners:[21]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film Dark Remains Brian Avenet-Bradley
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film Experiment Daniel Turner
Best Thriller Feature Film Razor Eaters Shannon Young


The following are 2004's full-length feature film award winners:[22]

Award Film Director
Best Horror Feature Film Dead and Breakfast Matthew Leutwyler
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film Tales from Beyond Josh Austin, Nate Barlow, Eric Manning, Russell Scott
Fan Favorite Roadside Attractions CJ Roy


The following are 2003's full-length feature film award winners:[23]

Award Film Director
Best Film in the Feature Category Lucky Steve Cuden
Best Film in the Sci-Fi Category Transfer John Turbyne
Fan Favorite Lucky Steve Cuden


The following are 2002's full-length feature film award winners:[24]

Award Film Director
Best Film in the Feature Category Terror Tract Clint Hutchison & Lance W. Dreeson
Best Comedy Horror Burning Passion Brian Belefant
Best Special FX in the Feature Category Despiser Philip Cook
Fan Favorite Hell's Highway S. Lee Taylor


The following are 2001's full-length feature film award winners:[25]

Award Film Director
Best Film in the Thriller Category Siren Steve Morris
Best Film in the Feature Category The Wind Michael Mongillo
Scariest Film Memorial Day dMarcos Gabriel & Chris Alender


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