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Gangolli Ramashet Nagaraj (16 July 1939 – 16 July 2013), popularly known by his film-industry name Shringar Nagaraj, was a Kannada actor, cameraman, and producer of India's first silent movie - Pushpaka Vimana - winning President's Gold Medal.[1][2]

He was bestowed with Kannada Rajyotsava, Filmfare Awards, International Houston Film Festival Award, and a few others.[2]


Born in Bangalore on 16 July 1939. He did Bachelor of Commerce from MES College in Malleswaram and Bachelor of Laws from Government Law College. He has two sons and two daughters- Ramkumar, film actor and son-in-law of Rajkumar, and Pranam who is blessed with psychic insights.[2][3]

He renounced his traditional gold jewellery profession with the imposition of the Gold Control Act and took up photography - His creative talent made him a very well known photographer in Bangalore. He was popular amongst celebrities in the film industry as a photographer as well as a cameraman which led him to take up acting in the movies.[1]

He got his first break in Kannada films as a supporting role opposite Rajkumar in Sipayi Ramu; besides, he acted in almost 25 Kannada films, like Bangaaradha Manushya, Haalu Jenu, Chelisuva Modagalu, Shabdavedi, and more. He also acted in other movies like Ranganayaki and Katha Sangama. He acted as the hero opposite Kalpana in Kesarina Kamala.[2][3]

He also owned and ran travel agency called Shringar Tours. He has travelled all over the world and photographed beautiful pictures in his travels which will soon be published.

His name to fame lies in the fact that when no one was willing to take a risk of making a silent film he took up that challenge and produced the award winning Pushpaka Vimana, a silent film, starring Kamal Haasan that won National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment, President's Gold medal for him, and also critics applause.[1][2][3]




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