Shropshire County Council

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Shropshire County Council was the county council of the non-metropolitan county of Shropshire in England.


It was known as Salop County Council from 1889 to 1980.

Wrekin unitary[edit]

The area covered by the council was decreased in 1998 when the Telford and Wrekin unitary authority was created, removing The Wrekin district from the non-metropolitan county of Shropshire.

County unitary[edit]

The county council was replaced, along with the county's five district councils, by a unitary authority called Shropshire Council on 1 April 2009. However, as the 'continuing authority', the councillors of the county council became the councillors of the new authority for the interim period until the first elections to Shropshire Council were held on 4 June 2009.