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Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service
Shropshire Fire logo.jpg
Putting Shropshire's Safety First
Operational area
Country England
County Shropshire
Agency overview
Established1948 (1948)
Chief Fire OfficerRod Hammerton
Facilities and equipment
Rescue boats2
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The Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service is the statutory fire and rescue service covering Shropshire, including Telford and Wrekin, in the West Midlands region of England.

Shropshire's Fire and Rescue Service is provided by 512 full-time and retained firefighters based at 23 fire stations around the county. They currently deploy 46 operational vehicles and a number of specialist appliances.

Organisation and Management[edit]

Fire Authority[edit]

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service is governed by elected Council representatives from Shropshire's two unitary councils, Shropshire Council and Telford and Wrekin Council, together these representatives make up the Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority, chaired by an elected Ccuncillor, the current Chair is Councillor Eric Carter.

Day to day operational control of the service is vested in the Chief Fire Officer (CFO), Rod Hammerton.[1]

Executive Control[edit]

Within the organisation the CFO has full responsibility for the service and also manages Finance and Resources.

The remainder of executive duties fall to the senior management team, consisting of:

  • Deputy Chief Fire Officer Andy Johnson, who responsible for Community Safety, Service Delivery and Operations
  • Assistant Chief Fire Officer Dave Myers, who is responsible for Human Resources, Training, Development, Performance Review and Risk, Information and Communications Technology, Administration and Chaplaincy


An aerial appliance of the Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service

Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service is one of the highest performing UK fire services, achieving consistently high marks in external audits carried out by the Audit Commission.[2][3]

Fire Stations/Appliances[edit]

Station Callsign Station Name Duty System Appliances
H01 Albrighton Retained 1x WrL
H02 Baschurch Retained 1x WrL
H03 Bishops Castle Retained 1x WrL
H04 Bridgnorth Retained 1x RP, 1x WrC, 1x ISU
H05 Church Stretton Retained 1x RP, 1x L6P
H06 Cleobury Mortimer Retained 1x RP
H07 Clun Retained 1x RP
H08 Craven Arms Retained 1x WrL, 1x HL
H09 Ellesmere Retained 1x WrL
H10 Hodnet Retained 1x WrL
H11 Ludlow Retained 1x RP, 1x ISU
H12 Market Drayton Retained 1x RP, 1x L4P, 1x ISU
H13 Minsterley Retained 1x RP, 1x L4P, 1x ISU
H14 Much Wenlock Retained 1x RP
H15 Newport Retained 1x RP, 1x ISU
H16 Oswestry Retained 1x WrL, 1x RP, 1x ISU
H17 Prees Retained/Cross Crewed* 1x WrL, 1x RRU, 1x PM+HVP*, 1x PM+HVHL*
H18 Shrewsbury Wholetime/Retained/Cross Crewed* 2x WrL, 1x RP, 1x ALP, 1x WRU+IrbT, 1x LPU*, 1x ICCU*, 1x GPV, 1x IRU*, 3x PM* for HPU, HLU, MDD
H19 Telford Central Wholetime/Cross Crewed* 1x RP, 1x ALP, 1x IRU*
H20 Tweedale Retained/Cross Crewed* 1x WrL, 1x L4P, 1x ICCU*, 1x PM* for EPU, BFU
H21 Wellington Wholetime/Retained 1x WrL, 1x RP, 1x HRT, 1x ISU
H22 Wem Retained 1x RP
H23 Whitchurch Retained 1x RP, 1x ISU
H30 HQ Command Retained 3x ICCU

Fire Appliance Glossary/Callsigns[edit]

  • Water Ladder (WrL): P1/P3
  • Rescue Pump (RP): P2
  • Light 4x4 Pump (L4P): S6
  • Light 6x6 Pump (L6P): S6
  • Light Pumping Unit (LPU): W3
  • Water Carrier (WrC): W1
  • Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP): A1
  • Incident Support Unit (ISU): S1
  • Heavy Rescue Unit (HRT): R1
  • Water Rescue Unit + Inshore Rescue Boat (WRU+IrbT): B1
  • Incident Command & Control Unit (ICCU): C1/C2/C3
  • General Purpose Vehicle (GPV): T1
  • Rapid Response Unit (RRU): H9
  • Prime Mover (PM): T7/T8/T9^

For Pods:

  • Environmental Protection Unit (EPU): H1
  • Bulk Foam Unit (BFU): S3
  • Heavy Pumping Unit (HPU): W1
  • Hose Layer Unit (HLU): W2
  • High Volume Pump (HVP): W1
  • High Volume Hose Layer (HVHL): W2

^ Prime Mover Callsign when not carrying Pods

CBRN Response:

  • Incident Response Unit (IRU): H9
  • Prime Mover + Mass Decontamination Disrobe (PM+MDD): T9

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