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Location Suiyang County, Guizhou, China
Depth 466 metres (1,529 ft)
Length 200,427 metres (657,569 ft)
Geology gypsym and dolomite
Entrances 46
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Shuanghedong (双河洞), is the longest cave in China,[1][2][3] the second longest in Asia[4][5], and 11th longest in the world[6][7] in 2017. It is located near the town of Wenquan in Suiyang County, Guizhou Province.[8]

This gypsum and dolomite cave has carbon dioxide levels of approximately 400ppm, with a constant temperature of about 13 degrees Celsius year round.

The cave contains numerous waterfalls, and at least three underground rivers, some of which contain cave shrimp, and fish weighing several pounds.[9] Also found, have been tadpoles, frogs, insects, spiders, bats, leeches, blind fish, and mushrooms.[5]

Since 1987, at least 20 expeditions from France and Japan have explored the cave.[10]


  • 响水洞 Xiangshuidong
  • 响水洞 Xiangshuidong
  • 大风洞 Dafengdong
  • 小龙洞 Xiaolongdong
  • 山王洞 Shanwangdong
  • 山王洞2 Shanwangdong2
  • 阴河洞 Yinhedong
  • 下洞 Xiadong
  • 皮硝洞 Pixiaodong
  • 麻黄洞 Mahuangdong
  • 衫林洞 Shanlindong (est)
  • 小水洞 Xiaoshuidong
  • 何教洞 Hejiaodong
  • 双河水洞 Shuangheshuidong
  • 衫林洞 Shanlindong (ouest)
  • 衫林洞 Shanlindong (ouest 2)
  • 石膏洞 Shigaodong (est)
  • 熊华塘洞 Xionghuatangdong
  • 红罩子洞 Hongzhaozidong
  • 团堆窝水洞 Tuanduiwoshuidong
  • 罗教洞 Luojiaodong
  • 罗教洞二口 Luojiaodongerkou
  • 铜鼓皮硝洞 Tonggupixiaodong
  • 石膏洞 Shigaodong (ouest)
  • 洞天坑 Dongtiankeng
  • 上洞 Shangdong
  • 龙潭子水洞 Longtanzishuidong
  • 龙潭子水洞 Longtanzishuidong
  • 文家洞 Wenjiadong
  • 曾教洞 Zengjiaodong
  • 黄家弯洞 Huangjiawandong
  • 黄家弯大风洞 Huangjiawandafengdong
  • 老硝洞 Laoxiaodong
  • 黄瓜头洞 Huangguatoudong
  • 大土洞 Datudong
  • 大庆消坑洞 Daqingxiaokengdong
  • 大屋基大风洞 Dawujidafengdong
  • 二羊花沟半坡大风洞 Eryanghuagoubanpodafengdong
  • 辛家湾凉风洞 Xinjiawanliangfengdong
  • 石萌子特别大风洞 Shimengzitebiedafengdong
  • 大土田角大风洞 Datutianjiaodafengdong
  • 洞堡垭口洞 Dongbaoyakou
  • 消坑凼大风洞 Xiaokengdangdafengdong
  • 青岗林风洞 Qingganglinfengdong
  • 消坑凼大风洞2 Xiaokengdangdafengdong2
  • 瓦厂堡洞 Wachangbaodong

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