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Shubenacadie Sam is a famous Canadian groundhog who lives at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park in the town of Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. Every February 2, on Groundhog Day, Sam's shadow is closely observed at 08:00 AST to make the traditional prediction whether there will be an early spring. Due to Nova Scotia's Atlantic timezone, Sam makes the first Groundhog Day prediction in North America.[1] (He is also joined by his Cape Breton groundhog cousin "Two Rivers Tunnel" at the Two Rivers Wildlife Park in Mira River, Nova Scotia). The prediction ceremony is heralded by a bagpiper and town crier and draws an early-morning festive crowd of families and visitors. The Shubenacadie Sam tradition began about 1987 and differs from most other famous groundhogs as he is not woken from hibernation for Groundhog Day.[2] Shubenacadie Sam most recently predicted a long winter at his appearance in February 2015.[3]

Past predictions[edit]

2015 “Long Winter"[4]
2014 “Early Spring"[5] [6]
2013 “Long winter"[7]
2012 "Early spring"[8]
2011 "Early spring"[9]
2010 "Long winter"[10]
2009 "Long winter"[11]
2008 "Early Spring"[12]
2007 "Early spring"[13]
2006 "Early Spring"[14]


While Shubenacadie offers the earliest prediction every year, it is one of many towns throughout North America known for their winter-predicting groundhogs. The most famous is Punxsutawney Phil of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. The most famous Canadian is Wiarton Willie. Sam shares the Nova Scotia prediction every year with "Two Rivers Tunnel" in Cape Breton. Other Canadian groundhogs include "Brandon Bob" of Brandon, Manitoba, and "Gary the Groundhog" in Kleinburg, Ontario.


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