Shubh Vivah

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Shubh Vivah
Shubh Vivah.jpeg
A promotional logo image of Shubh Vivah
Genre Drama
Created by UTV Software Communications
Written by Rajesh Beri
Directed by Ashish Khurana
Himanshu Consul
Creative director(s) Bharvi Shah
Starring Neha Janpandit
Eijaz Khan
(For entire cast see below)
Theme music composer Lalit Sen
Rajesh Beri
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 89
Producer(s) Santosh J Nair & Zarina Mehta
Cinematography Narendra Joshi
Editor(s) S. Salim
Vinay Malu
Running time approx. 20 minutes
Original network Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia
Original release 27 February – 29 June 2012

Shubh Vivah (English: Happy Wedding, Hindi: शुभ विवाह) is an Indian television drama series telecast on Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia. It premiered on 27 February 2012 at 7:30 pm and went off-air on 29 June 2012.[1] It is a remake of a tamil channel Sun Tv serial Metti Oli.


The story begins with Mr. Saxena and his five marriageable daughters, who are kind, innocent, and gentle. Mr. Saxena wants his daughters to get good husbands, in looks, nature and outlook towards life. A young man named Amrit appears on the scene. The Saxena family is taken in by his charm and virtuous behaviour. However, he is deceiving everyone. He is having an affair with a married woman named Sarla. Amrit manages to impress Mr. Saxena's second daughter, Saroj, who is very innocent. Saroj and Amrit' get married. On the same day Saroj's elder sister, Karuna, marries Mr. Saxena's friend's son, Madan.

After marriage, Saroj learns of Amrit's affair from his office's boss. However, she keeps shut. Saroj has met Sarla but does not know that the affair is with her. Amrit stops meeting Sarla, as her husband arrives from abroad and Saroj is helpless as she does not wants her marriage to break. She has to face several problems as Amrit loves his mother the most and Saroj is blamed every time if anything happens. Amrit's brother and Buaji try to make Amrit understand the importance of Saroj in his life, but in vain. After long struggles Amrit sends Saroj back to her house in Agra from her in-laws' house in Vrindavan and Saroj leaves no stone upturned to turn their love-hate relationship into a "Shubh Vivah" (Happy Wedding).

On the other hand the wedding photographer, Gyan, starts loving Kanchan. She starts getting irritated but soon comes back to normal and starts ignoring him.

Amrit and his family start missing Saroj and plan to bring her back, while they too are on their way back to Agra. Thus, their relationship slowly starts to blossom,[2] but as fate has it problems soon arise.

Amrit and his mother, Kaushalya, reveal truth about Sarla and Amrit's relationship to Saroj. They also physically assault her by tying her with ropes and locking her in a room. Saroj frees herself; the time she goes to see Amrit she finds him stabbed with a knife in his stomach. Kaushalya comes to see it and Saroj is accused of murder and sent to jail. With the help of Vinod, her sisters and her lawyer she is proved innocent. It is found that Sarla's husband got to know about Amrit and Sarla's relationship and, when he saw her with Amrit, he went on to kill Sarla but mistakenly Amrit was killed. After that, the families learn that Saroj is pregnant. For the sake of letting her and her yet-to-be-born baby, the families arrange her marriage with Vinod, leaving Saroj shocked. Vinod, too, is in shock as he wanted to marry Neelu. On the night of Vinod and Saroj's wedding, Saroj gets to know about Neelu and Vinod's love and informs Kaushalya about it. So Vinod is wed to Neelu. In the wedding, Vinod's boss's son, Manthan, comes and turns out to be a replica of Amrit.

The story takes a year leap. In the last year, Saroj has been married to Manthan, and Saroj's son was born, whom they have named, Amrit. Madan and Karuna, too, have a son named Rohan. Thus, the story ends on a good note.


Special appearance[edit]


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