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Type of site
VOD streaming service
Available in English
Headquarters United States
Owner AMC Networks
Registration Monthly subscription through authorized distributor required to access content

Shudder is an over-the-top subscription video on demand service featuring horror, thriller and supernatural titles owned and operated by American cable television network AMC.[1]


Shudder began with an invite-only beta testing in the United States the summer of 2015.[2] By October 2016, Shudder was fully out of beta testing and had expanded to Canada,[3] the United Kingdom and Ireland.[4]

Shudder is available on mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast[5] as well as subscription via Amazon Video[1] in monthly or annual subscriptions.[5] Shudder is also available as part of the VRV combo pack as of August 2017.[6]

The Shudder website also airs a free pre-programmed feed called[2]


In October 2016, Aja Romano writing for Vox noted that Shudder had over 500 horror films with their closest competitor, Screambox, carrying 400.[7] Romano said Shudder had an "impressive selection of higher-quality films."[7] Charlie Lyne, writing for The Guardian, notes that the UK version of Shudder carried around 200 films.[4]

Channel curators Sam Zimmerman and Colin Geddes offer categories like "Urban Decay," "Slashics," and "Not Your Ordinary Bloodsucker"[7] which break the library down to specific sub-categories. Zimmerman previously worked for Fangoria and Shock Til You Drop[8] while Geddes was previously a film programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival.[8]

In late 2016, Shudder began carving out windows of exclusivity, premiering Rob Zombie's 31 two weeks before the DVD release[9] and exclusively carrying the 4k restoration of Don Coscarelli's Phantasm.[3]

In another streaming exclusive, in March 2017, Shudder began carrying the full 109-minute unrated version of The Devils. This is the first time since the film's release in 1971 that the unrated cut of the film has been available in the United States.[10]

In June 2017 Shudder announced a full slate of original series in development, including Riprore, from director Patty Jenkins, and an adaptation of Emily Schultz's novel, The Blondes.[11]


Shudder Exclusives
Title Release Date Notes
Beyond the Walls October 20, 2016 TV Mini-Series
Therapy November 17, 2016
31 December 7, 2016
Shrew's Nest December 8, 2016
Dearest Sister January 12, 2017
Sadako vs. Kayako January 26, 2017
Blind Sun February 9, 2017
Phantasm: Ravager February 14, 2017
We Go On February 22, 2017
Always Shine March 7, 2017
Prevenge March 24, 2017
Jordskott April 6, 2017 TV Series
We Are the Flesh April 20, 2017
Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl May 4, 2017
Lake Bodom May 18, 2017
Noroi: The Curse June 1, 2017
Among the Living June 15, 2017
Show Pieces June 26, 2017
Kuso July 21, 2017
Small Town Killers August 17, 2017
Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories August 31, 2017 TV Mini-Series
Seoul Station October 5, 2017
Can’t Take It Back October 12, 2017
Found Footage 3D October 26, 2017 Available in 2D and 3D
Spookers October 26, 2017
Better Watch Out December 7, 2017
Shudder Originals
Title Release Date Notes
Primal Screen (2017-Present) June 8, 2017 T.V Series
The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs (2018-Present) July 13, 2018 Variety Series


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