Shui Tau Tsuen

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Chou Wong Yi Kung Study Hall in Shui Tau Tsuen
Cheung Chun Yuen in Shui Tau Tsuen

Shui Tau Tsuen (simplified Chinese: 水头村; traditional Chinese: 水頭村) is a village in Kam Tin area, Yuen Long District, New Territories, Hong Kong. The 17th century village is located 15 minutes' walk north of Kam Tin Road.[1]

Historic buildings[edit]

The Yi Tai Study Hall, a declared monument, as well as several Grade II and Grade III historic buildings are located in Shui Tau Tsuen.

The Chou Wong Yi Kung Study Hall is a Grade III historic building. It was erected in 1685 by the Tang Clan, in honour of Chou Yu-te and Wang Lai-jen, two imperial officials whose pleading with the Emperor ended the coastal evacuation, and enabled the inhabitants to return to their homes in 1669.[2]


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