Shulman (band)

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Origin Israel
Genres Psychedelic Downtempo
Years active 2000–present
Labels Aleph Zero Records

Yaniv Shulman

Omri Harpaz

Shulman is a psybient group from Israel, with members Yaniv Shulman and Omri Harpaz. Shulman's sound features elements of "glitch" and displays a large IDM influence. Shulman is also a remix artist within the psybient genre.

The duo has toured many psytrance venues and festivals, visiting a number of countries including Bulgaria, Mexico, Portugal, and Kenya.[citation needed]


Studio releases[edit]


Shulman in the media[edit]

Digitally Imported[edit]

Shulman is frequently featured on the popular internet radio station, Digitally Imported. On February 20, 2006, at 11:00 AM CST, the Digitally Imported chillout channel streamed Random Thoughts, Shulman's third studio release, for the entire internet community to hear.

Yaniv Shulman[edit]

According to the website, Yaniv Shulman, the duo frontman, is a chillout artist from Israel, who studied computer science. Known for his participation in and founding of the music group, Yaniv Shulman is also cofounder of Aleph Zero Records.

Admired musicians[edit]

According to the official Shulman website, Shulman holds the following musicians in high esteem:

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