Shumen Municipality

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Shumen Municipality
Община Шумен
Shumen Municipality within Bulgaria and Shumen Province.
Shumen Municipality within Bulgaria and Shumen Province.
Coordinates: 43°13′N 26°59′E / 43.217°N 26.983°E / 43.217; 26.983Coordinates: 43°13′N 26°59′E / 43.217°N 26.983°E / 43.217; 26.983
Country  Bulgaria
Province (Oblast) Shumen
Admin. centre (Obshtinski tsentar) Shumen
 • Total 630 km2 (240 sq mi)
Population (December 2009)[1]
 • Total 101,597
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Shumen Municipality (Bulgarian: Община Шумен) is a municipality (obshtina) in Shumen Province, Northeastern Bulgaria. It is named after its administrative centre - the city of Shumen which is also the capital of the province.

The municipality embraces a territory of 630 km² with a population of 101,597 inhabitants, as of December 2009.[1] Currently, the eastern operating section of Hemus motorway connects the main town with the port of Varna.

Aside from the rich cultural landmarks of the main city, the area is most known with the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve that includes the famous Madara Rider near the homonymous village.


Shumen Municipality includes the following 27 places (towns are shown in bold):

Town/Village Cyrillic Population[2][3][4]
(December 2009)
Shumen Шумен 86,824
Belokopitovo Белокопитово 158
Blagovo Благово 108
Cherencha Черенча 471
Dibich Дибич 1,132
Drumevo Друмево 1,049
Gradishte Градище 800
Ivanski Ивански 1,649
Iliya Blaskovo Илия Блъсково 509
Kladenets Кладенец 105
Konyovets Коньовец 433
Kostena Reka Костена река 74
Lozevo Лозево 387
Madara Мадара 1,281
Marash Мараш 626
Novosel Новосел 557
Ovcharovo Овчарово 168
Panayot Volovo Панайот Волово 356
Radko Dimitrievo Радко Димитриево 337
Salmanovo Салманово 915
Srednya Средня 344
Struino Струино 394
Tsarev Brod Царев брод 1,314
Vasil Drumev Васил Друмев 355
Velino Велино 368
Vetrishte Ветрище 218
Vehtovo Вехтово 665
Total 101,597


The following table shows the change of the population during the last four decades. Since 1992 Shumen Municipality has comprised the former municipality of Ivanski and the numbers in the table reflect this unification.

Shumen Municipality
Year 1975 1985 1992 2001 2005 2007 2009 2011
Population 94,777 109,490 110,170 104,473 101,515 101,780 101,597 93,649
Sources: Census 2001,[5] Census 2011,[6] „“,[7]

Ethnic composition[edit]

According to the 2011 census, among those who answered the optional question on ethnic identification, the ethnic composition of the municipality was the following:

Ethnic group Population Percentage
Bulgarians 68781 78.7%
Turks 13179 15.1%
Roma (Gypsy) 4042 4.6%
Others 721 0.8%
Undeclared 654 0.7%

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