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Former Shun Fat Supermarket in Monterey Park

Shun Fat Supermarket (traditional Chinese: 順發超級市場; simplified Chinese: 顺发超级市场; pinyin: Shùnfā Chāojíshìchǎng; Cantonese Yale: seuhn faat chīu kāp síh chèuhng; Vietnamese: Siêu Thị Thuận Phát; also known as SF Supermarket) is an expanding Chinese Vietnamese American supermarket chain in the San Gabriel Valley region in California, Sacramento, California, San Pablo, California, Las Vegas, Nevada and Garland, Texas.

Shun Fat Supermarket was started in the mid-1990s by a Chinese Vietnamese entrepreneur and seafood wholesaler named Hieu Tran, owner of the H&T Seafood. Its first store was opened in the Chinese American suburban community of Monterey Park, California. Despite some amusement in the English-speaking press, the name "Shun Fat" actually means "prosperity" in Chinese.[1]

The Asian supermarket chain that sells imported grocery items from Asia - particularly Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam - and also a few mainstream American brands as well. Its locations tend to be in newer suburban Chinatowns as well as in developing ethnic Vietnamese American commercial districts. Selection at each location may differ depending on the community. The Rowland Height location, for example, caters to immigrants from Taiwan, while the San Pablo location offers Filipino and Mexican food products.

The market chain competes mainly with the 99 Ranch Market and Hong Kong Supermarket. Like these two supermarket chains, Shun Fat Supermarket usually serves as a major anchor store in some Asian shopping centers and strip malls, which in some cases have been renovated extensively by Hieu Tran. The "Superstores" in Dallas, El Monte, Garden Grove, Las Vegas, San Gabriel and Westminster are uniquely Chinese hypermarkets, as they sell clothing, small electronics and other products in addition to groceries,[2] although these stalls are operated by independent vendors with separate payment.

In 2005, Shun Fat Supermarket opened a 105,000-square-foot (9,800 m2) megastore in the Little Saigon of Westminster, California, joining the already highly competitive Vietnamese supermarket commerce in the community.[3]

In June 2013, the market opened Dallas Superstore, marking its first expansion in Texas.

In 2017, Shun Fat sold the Monterey Park and Rowland Heights locations to Great Wall Supermarket.



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