Shun Hing Square

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Shun Hing Square
Shun hing Square.jpg
Shun Hing Square in August 2012
General information
TypeOffice, parking garage, retail
Location5002 Shennan Road East, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China
Coordinates22°32′43″N 114°06′21″E / 22.54528°N 114.10583°E / 22.54528; 114.10583Coordinates: 22°32′43″N 114°06′21″E / 22.54528°N 114.10583°E / 22.54528; 114.10583
Construction started1993
CompletedMarch 1996
OwnerKumagai Gumi Company[1]
Architectural384 m (1,260 ft)[1]
Roof325 m (1,066 ft)
Top floor298.1 m (978 ft)[1]
Observatory298.1 m (978 ft)[1]
Technical details
Floor count69[1] (+3 basement floors)
Floor area280,000 m2 (3,000,000 sq ft)[1]
Design and construction
ArchitectK.Y. Cheung Design Associates[1]
DeveloperShun Hing Group
Structural engineerMaunsell AECOM Group[1]
Shun Hing Square
Traditional Chinese信興廣場
Simplified Chinese信兴广场

Shun Hing Square (Chinese: 信兴广场), also known as "Di Wang Tower"[3] (Chinese: 地王大厦) is a 384-metre-tall (1,260 ft) skyscraper in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China.


The building was built at a pace of four floors in nine days. The main tower is office space, car park and a 5-storey shopping arcade complex with four sets of escalators, five passenger lifts and two service lifts, and a floor area ranging from 3450 m2 to 4900 m2. On the top floor (69th floor) is the Meridian View Centre, an observation deck.[4][5] Its common nickname "Diwang Building" derives from the auction price for the piece of land it stands being the most expensive in Shenzhen at the time. 24,500 tonnes of steel were used in construction.

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