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Southern part of Shun Lee
Shun Lee Estate and Shun Tin Estate

Shun Lee (Chinese: 順利) is an area north of Sau Mau Ping and east of Ngau Chi Wan in Hong Kong. The area was originally known as Rennie's Farm. It is later named after the first public housing estate in the area, Shun Lee Estate. It is also known as Sze Shun (四順, i.e. four Shun) as there are four estates with name starting with Shun in 2006.

Before any urban development, the rural area belonged to the rural district of Ngau Chi Wan. Later, it was also once considered an extension of Ngau Tau Kok. After the establishment of District Boards of Hong Kong, the area is administratively under Kwun Tong District.


The area is a valley surrounded by hills. A main river flowed from Custom Hill and joined another river from Kowloon Peak and emptied into Kowloon Bay via Jordan Valley.

Public housing[edit]

The public housing estates and Home Ownership Scheme in Sze Shun includes Shun Lee Estate, Shun On Estate, Shun Chi Court and Shun Tin Estate.

Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Notes
Shun Lee Estate 順利邨 Public 1978 7 4,461
Shun On Estate 順安邨 Public 1978 3 3,002
Shun Chi Court 順緻苑 HOS 1980 6 1,539
Shun Tin Estate 順天邨 Public 1981 11 7,026

Shun Lee Estate[edit]

Twin Tower blocks in Shun Lee Estate

Shun Lee Estate (Chinese: 順利邨) is the earliest public housing estate in Sze Shun area. It has totally 7 residential blocks built in 1978 and 1980 respectively.


Name[1] Type Completion
Lee Cheung House Twin Tower 1978
Lee Hang House
Lee Ming House
Lee Yip House Old Slab 1980
Lee Yat House
Lee Foo House
Lee Hong House

Shun On Estate[edit]

Cruciform and Old Slab blocks in Shun On Estate

Shun On Estate (Chinese: 順安邨) has 3 residential blocks built in 1978.


Name[2] Type Completion
On Chung House Cruciform 1978
On Yat House
On Kwan House Old Slab 1980

Shun Chi Court[edit]

Shun Chi Court

Shun Chi Court (Chinese: 順緻苑) is one of the first Home Ownership Scheme estates in Hong Kong.[3] It consists of 6 residential blocks built in 1980.


Name[4][5] Type Completion
Shun Fung/Lung House (Block A) Non-standard 1980
Shun Cheung/Wing House (Block B)
Shun Ying/Fai House (Block C)
Shun Wah/Mei House (Block D)
Shun Tai/Shing House (Block E)
Shun Hong/Ning House (Block F)

Shun Tin Estate[edit]

Shun Tin Estate

Shun Tin Estate (Chinese: 順天邨) has 11 residential blocks built in 1981, 1983 and 1989 respectively.


Name[6] Type Completion
Tin Hang House Old Slab 1981
Tin Kuen House
Tin Kei House Linear 1
Tin Yiu House
Tin Kam House Twin Tower 1983
Tin Chu House
Tin Wan House
Tin Chi House
Tin Fai House Double I 1989
Tin Wing House
Tin Lok House


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