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For the 1906 play, see The Shulamite.
Albert Joseph Moore, The Shunamite relating the Glories of King Solomon to her Maidens, 1894.
Gustave Moreau, Song of Songs: The Shulammite Maiden
Franz Pforr, Maria und Sulamith, 1811

A Shulamite is a person from Shulem. It is the ascription given to the female protagonist in the Song of Songs in the Hebrew Bible. In the King James Version and other Bibles, it is the Song of Solomon or Canticle of Canticles.

Many scholars connect the demonym with Shunamite ("woman from Shunem") and believe the terms are interchangeable. It is a name of a maiden or a title. It has been suggested that Abishag could be the Shulamite bride from Song of Solomon since she was a Shunamite taken to minister to David in his old age according to the Bible scriptures (1 Kings 1:1-4,15,2:17-22). The wealthy woman who provided a room for Elisha was another Shunamite woman of the Bible, according to 2 Kings 4:8. The meaning of the root word is “perfect one, peaceable one, or pacified”.[1][2]

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