Shunkōsai Hokushū

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Signatures of Shunkōsai Hokushū from left to right: “Shunkō ga” (春好 画) and “Shunkōsai Hokushū” (春好斎 北洲)
woodblock print by Shunkōsai Hokushū of kabuki actor Nakamura Utaemon III as Seno-o no Tarō

Shunkōsai Hokushū (春好斎 北洲), who is also known as Shunkō IV, was a designer of ukiyo-e style Japanese woodblock prints in Osaka who was active from about 1802 to 1832. He is known to have been a student of Shōkōsai Hambei, and may have also studied with Hokusai.[1] He used the name Shunkō (春好) until 1818, when he changed his name to “Shunkōsai Hokushū”. He was the most important artist in Osaka during the 1810-1820s and established the Osaka style of actor prints.[2]


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