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Shunyasampadane is an anthology of poems in the Kannada language that includes the vachanas and dialogues of several lingayat saints. It is an important part of the holy scriptures of lingayats.The word Shunyasampadane can be roughly translated as "the acquisition of nothing" in which Shunya translates to "nothingness", "void" or "empty". The more precise translation is 'the Graduated Attainment of the Divine Void'. It is part of the important concepts associated with enlightenment in the Indian traditions.

A record of the dialogues of various saints, the Shoonya Sampadane is a collection of vachanas of the important vacanakaras of the 12th century. The story follows the life and times of the holy mystic Allama Prabhu along his way to Kalyana city to meet Basava and the other Shivasharanas. The authors of the Shoonya Sampadane have woven through narrative the vachanas into a cohesive structure around an available or a new story. There are four versions of the Shoonya Sampadane, composed between 15th and 16th century. The last of the four versions was (re)edited and printed by P.G. Halakatti in 1930.

20th-century editions[edit]

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