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Shurfine International is a distributor of private label and store brands for independent supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the United States. Until 2016, Shurfine was a unit of Western Family Foods, based in Portland, Oregon and serviced by Associated Wholesalers, Inc. (AWI). In 2016, Western Family was acquired by Topco.

Shurfine Markets[edit]

Shurfine Markets is a collection of independent supermarkets in Pennsylvania, Western New York, Northern Maine, and Maryland. These markets are a retailers' cooperative. Nine Shurfine Markets are owned by Associated Wholesalers, Inc.

Shurfine's stores in northeastern Pennsylvania operate under the name ShurSave. For years they have used the slogan "You sure save more at a ShurSave store."


  • Shurfine
  • Shurfresh
  • Price Saver
  • Shurtech Automotive
  • Shursaving (a discount brand, currently being phased out in favor of ValuTime)
  • Tahoka, TX
  • Western Family (currently being phased out)
  • Tom and Suzanne

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