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Shutlingsloe from Macclesfield Forest path
Highest point
Elevation506 m (1,660 ft)
Prominencec. 134 m
LocationCheshire,  England
Parent rangePeak District
OS gridSJ976695
Topo mapOS Outdoor Leisure 24

Shutlingsloe is a hill near the village of Wildboarclough, in the east of the county of Cheshire. It stands to the south of Macclesfield Forest, on the edge of the Peak District and within the Peak District National Park.[1]

A steep-sided hill with a distinctive profile,[1] sometimes described as the 'Matterhorn of Cheshire', it is the third highest peak in the county (Shining Tor being the highest and Whetstone Ridge second highest) with an elevation of 506 m (1,660 ft), and commands excellent views over Cheshire.

The name derives from old English 'Scyttel's hlaw' meaning 'Scyttel's (personal name) hill' and is one of several 'low' names in the Peak District, from the same Old English root that gives rise to the name "Law" for many hills in southern Scotland.[2]


The hill is formed from alternating layers of mudstones and coarse sandstones (referred to as 'gritstones' or simply 'grits') which were laid down in a delta system in the Carboniferous period. The summit tor is formed from the Chatsworth Grit and the lower slopes from the Roaches Grit. A number of geological faults run north–west to south–east through the hill.[3]


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Coordinates: 53°13′24″N 2°02′12″W / 53.22321°N 2.03673°W / 53.22321; -2.03673