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Shutter Screenshot.png
Screenshot of Shutter running on Kali Linux
Developer(s) Mario Kemper
Stable release
Written in Perl
Operating system Linux
Type Screenshot software
License GNU General Public License

Shutter is a screenshot software for Linux based Operating Systems. It is written in Perl.

It provides several features, like capturing a specific area, the whole desktop, a Menu or Tooltip, a single window or a website. It provides a time delay function before taking a screenshots and a set of editing functions to further manipulate the taken screenshots. It also supports a great variety of plugins and integrates itself into user interfaces such as Unity. The project is developed on Launchpad.[1]


The following functionality is provided to edit taken screenshots:

  • Draw a freehand line
  • Highlighter
  • Draw a straight line
  • Draw an arrow
  • Draw a rectangle
  • Draw an ellipse
  • Add some text to the screenshot
  • Censor portions of your screenshot to hide private data
  • Pixelize selected areas of your screenshot to hide private data
  • Add an auto-increment shape to the screenshot
  • Crop a screenshot

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