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ShuttleCloud Corp.
Industry Software
Founded 2011
Founder Eduardo Fernández
Carlos Cabañero
(Chief Technology Officer)
Headquarters Chicago, IL, USA
Madrid, Spain
Key people
SV Angel
Services Cloud Data Management

ShuttleCloud is a startup company that specializes in data import and migration software.[1] ShuttleCloud has offices in Chicago and Madrid, Spain. The company has raised over $1 million in venture capital financing.[2]


In 2011, ShuttleCloud was chosen to be part of the TechStars program, a startup incubator that offers seed funding and three months of mentorship for selected firms.[3] Subsequently, the company raised a seed round of financing from High Line Venture Partners, SV Angel and other investors.[4]


Outside of data migration services, ShuttleCloud owns Gmail Meter, a free tool that analyzes inbox statistics.[5] Gmail Meter has been featured by the official Gmail Blog[6] and various other news sources such as TechCrunch,[7] Time Magazine,[8] and Engadget.[8]


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