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Shuttle Japan
Key people
Michio Ōtsuka - CEO
ProductsPornographic films

Shuttle Japan (シャトルジャパン, Shatoru Japan) is a Japanese adult video (AV) production company based in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward.

Company information[edit]

Shuttle Japan specializes in videos featuring outdoor exhibitionism, bukkake and gokkun as well as other fetish genres.[1] The company registered the term "ぶっかけ/BUKKAKE" as a trademark (No. 4545137) in January 2001.[2] The company director is Michio Ōtsuka (大塚未知雄).[3]

The company operates a website,, which distributes its videos. The site, in Japanese and English, has been registered to the company since October 1996.[4] As of mid-2009, the company website listed more than 1300 available Shuttle Japan titles.[5]


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