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Coat of arms of the Shuvalov family
Portrait of Countess Catherine P. Shuvalova, 1770s, by Greuze

Shuvalov (Russian: Шува́лов) is the name of a Russian noble family which, although documented since the 16th century, rose to distinction during the reign of Empress Elizabeth and was elevated to the rank of counts on 5 September 1746.

Members of the Shuvalov noble family[edit]

The notable Shuvalovs include:

Other people with the Shuvalov name[edit]

  • Igor Shuvalov (born 1967) - First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia


The Shuvalov family's residences included three palaces in Saint Petersburg and a manor nearby:

They also inherited the possessions and castles of the ducal Biron family in Courland, such as the Rundale Palace.

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