Shwe Einthi

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Shwe Einthi
Born Early 1070s
Pagan (Bagan)
Died ?
Spouse Saw Yun of Pagan
Issue Soe Saing
House Pagan
Father Kyansittha
Mother Apeyadana
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Shwe Einthi (Burmese: ရွှေအိမ်သည်, pronounced: [ʃwè ʔèiɴðɛ̀]; also Shwe Einsi, [ʃwè ʔèiɴzì]) was a princess of Pagan Dynasty of Burma (Myanmar). She was the only daughter of King Kyansittha (r. 1084–1113), and the mother of King Alaungsithu.[1][2]:156

The princess is best remembered in Burmese history for her failed love affair with the prince of Pateikkaya, a kingdom, believed to be in East Bengal or in eastern Chin Hills.[3] Soon after her father became king in 1084, she fell in love the prince who was visiting Pagan. But her father forbade her to marry a foreigner, and instead married her off to Prince Saw Yun, the son of the late King Sawlu. The primate of Pagan Shin Arahan broke the news to the prince, who subsequently committed suicide.[1][4]

The princess had two children with Saw Yun: Soe Saing, and Sithu, who succeeded Kyansittha.


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