Shwe Hpyin Naungdaw

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Left (A statue of Shwe Hpyin Naungdaw to the right of his mother, Me Wunna.) Right (A depiction of Shwe Hpyin Naungdaw)

Shwe Hpyin Naungdaw (ရွှေဖျင်းနောင်တော် [ʃwèbjɪ́ɴ nàʊɴdɔ̀]; lit. Goldpot the Elder), also called Shwe Hpyin Gyi (ရွှေဖျင်းကြီး [ʃwèbjɪ́ɴ dʑí]) or Min Gyi (မင်းကြီး [mɪ́ɴ dʑí]), is one of the 37 nats in the official pantheon of Burmese nats. He is the elder brother of Shwe Hpyin Nyidaw and the son of Popa Medaw, another nat. Worshippers of this nat avoid consumption of pork, as Shwe Hpyin Gyi's father, Byatta, is believed to have been an Indian Muslim.[1]


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