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Shwethalyaung Temple

Coordinates: 17°20′17″N 96°27′45″E / 17.337931°N 96.462409°E / 17.337931; 96.462409
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Shwethalyaung Temple
AffiliationTheravada Buddhism
Shwethalyaung Temple is located in Myanmar
Shwethalyaung Temple
Shown within Myanmar
Geographic coordinates17°20′17″N 96°27′45″E / 17.337931°N 96.462409°E / 17.337931; 96.462409
FounderKing Migadepa
Completed994; 1030 years ago (994)

The Shwethalyaung Temple (Burmese: ရွှေသာလျှောင်းဘုရား [ʃwèθàljáʊɰ̃ pʰəjá] is a Buddhist temple in the west side of Bago (Pegu), Myanmar.

The Shwethalyaung Buddha is a reclining Buddha statue. The Buddha, which is the second largest in the world at a length of 55 metres (180 ft) and a height of 16 metres (52 ft), is believed to have been built in 994.[1][2] It was lost in 1757 when Pegu was pillaged.[3] During British colonial rule, in 1880, the Shwethalyaung Buddha was rediscovered under a cover of jungle growth. Restoration began in 1881, and Buddha's glass mosaic pillows (on its left side) were added in 1930.


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