Shymkent Zoo

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Шымкент хайуанханасы
Shymkent Zoo
Date opened 1980
Location Shymkent,
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Land area 54 hectares (130 acres)
No. of animals 1570 (2007)
No. of species 219 (2007)

The Shymkent Zoo (Kazakh: Шымкент хайуанханасы; Russian: Шымкентский зоопарк) is the state zoo of the city Shymkent in Kazakhstan.[1] It is one of the largest and oldest zoological parks in the country. From the total zoo's area of 54 hectares (130 acres), under an exposition 34 hectares (84 acres). The Shymkent Zoo contains more than 20 kinds of animals brought in the 'Red book'. 25% of requirements of forages for animals the zoo grow up on own earth, the area of 30 hectares (74 acres).

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Coordinates: 42°23′02″N 69°37′27″E / 42.383908°N 69.624138°E / 42.383908; 69.624138