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Si Begg
Birth nameSimon Begg
Also known asBuckfunk 3000, Cabbage Boy, S.I. Futures
Born1972 (age 48–49)
Leicester, England
Occupation(s)Record producer, DJ
Years active1993-present

Si Begg (born 1972) is an English electronic dance music DJ, musician and record producer. His recording career began in 1993 and he has used a number of different pseudonyms and band names, and released music in different styles on several record labels.

He has also recorded music for short films, television advertisements and video games[1] and has performed sound design work for television channels including the BBC, Channel 4 and MTV.[2] Most recently he has provided the soundtrack for the hit Netflix sitcom Lovesick.


Si Begg studied at Trinity School and Mid Warwickshire college,[3] becoming interested in electronic music from an early age. Begg confessed that the first electronic-based record he ever heard was "Probably Jean Michel Jarre; my uncle used to be into his stuff, and used to play it in the car. My brother's mate's dad also had Tubular Bells and stuff like that. I remember being really into all the sounds and noises, the total futurism. And I was right into Star Wars and Tron and all those kinda kids' sci-fi things."[4]

Listening to John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show in the late 1980s, Begg was introduced to early Chicago acid and bands like Warp's LFO, Cabaret Voltaire, Severed Heads and Negativland. This influenced him to move away from playing guitar and drums with schoolmates and toward creating cut-up electronica with fellow electronic musicians, under the group name Cabbage Head Collective.


Begg initially gained experience working as a sound engineer in the early 1990s, helping to produce live music and studio albums for other artists, and began DJing in 1991. He began creating his own music in 1993, and a year later, released 3 EPs with techno artist and fellow Cabbage Head alumni Cristian Vogel, under the band name "Inevitable Technology". The pair later founded a record company, Mosquito, in 1997.[5] During this time, Begg assembled a recording studio (which is now located in Harrow, in northwest London), and learned about A&R and label management.

He moved to London in the 1990s, where he met Jonathan More and Matt Black of Coldcut through the local music scene. Begg's works as Cabbage Boy were subsequently released on their Ninja Tune sub-label, Ntone.[6] Begg released his solo debut album Commuter World on Caipirinha Productions in 1998. He continued to release 12" singles on a variety of small independent record labels (including his own).

In 2001, he released The Mission Statement on the Mute Records subsidiary Novamute, going by the name of as S. I. Futures. This was followed by another Si Begg album, Director's Cut (2003)

Since 2005, he has also released mp3 files on Digital Distortions and further singles on another label that he founded himself, Noodles Recordings and its sub-labels, Noodles Institute of Technology and Noodles Discothèque, which he called "the stupidest recording organisation in the world". The description comes from the fact that the label releases such a wide variety of musical styles, a tactic most labels would avoid.

In addition to working as a recording artist, he also performs live DJ sets throughout Europe. He currently has two DJ residencies in London, Big Beat Boutique at Scala and Freakin the Frame at The End. He has also worked as a remixer for over 40 different electronic artists including Alloy Mental, Atmosfear, DJ Rush, Faultline, Michael Forshaw, Lamb, Little Nobody, Moguai, Radio 4, Tipper, Sven Väth, Cristian Vogel, Jennifer Delano, Neuflex, Jason Sparks, Bolz Bolz and Stewart Walker.

Begg's compositions have been featured in films, TV shows and trailers, including Ad Astra (film), A Quiet Place Part II, The Outsider (2018 film) and The Two Popes, all placed by Elephant Music.[7]

Pseudonyms and collaborations[edit]

Begg has recorded under variety of names, both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other artists. He explains that it is a "necessity because of the way the industry kind of works. Because a lot of people want exclusive names and there's just no way I could. If there was one label that I felt was my home and I didn't want to do stuff for other labels then that would be fine, but no single label is willing to release my full output – my full kind of range. So I have to come up with these different projects all the time.",[8]

Solo recording names include:

  • Si Begg
  • Bigfoot
  • Bigfoot Futures Ltd
  • Buckfunk 3000
  • Cabbage Boy / Cabbageboy
  • Culture Cruncher
  • Dr. Nowhere versus The Maverick DJ
  • Lenny Logan / Lenny "The Stylus" Logan (one Lenny Logan track featured "Zygmunt Janowski", who, again, is actually Si Begg)
  • S. I. Futures

Band names include:

  • Bigfoot & Maverick DJ
  • Cabbage Head Collective (with Cristian Vogel, Tim Wright (of Germ, Neil Landstrumm and Anthony Michael Alexander)
  • Inevitable Technology (with Cristian Vogel)
  • State of the Art (with Tony Thorpe of The Moody Boys)


Releases as Si Begg[edit]


  • Commuter World (1998, Caipirinha Productions)
  • Director's Cut (2003, Novamute Records)
  • Future Electronica (2006, Music House (International) Ltd)
  • Permission to Explode (2013, Addictech Records)
  • Blueprints (2017, Shitkatapult)

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Nothing is True Zen Say (1996, Position Chrome)
  • Opus EP (1996, Tresor)
  • Cuntok 5 EP (1997, Algorithme)
  • Question the Nature of Your Formula (1997, Drought Records)
  • Working on The Front Line EP (1997, Mosquito)
  • B-Boy of Tomorrow / Strawhead (1998, Hydrogen Dukebox)
  • Commuter World (1998, Caipirinha Productions)
  • Untitled (1998, Mosquito)
  • Network Southeast Vol. 1 (1999, Under 5's)
  • Bad Doo Doo (2000, Mosquito)
  • Network Southeast Vol. 2 (2000, Under 5's)
  • Testosterone Testicles (2000, Drought Records)
  • Restoration EP (2001, Mosquito)
  • Welcome to the Discothèque (2001, Feis)
  • You Aint Got this Shit in Yo Crate / Sumba Lo Remix (2002, Howlin' Records)
  • Moveup (2003, Novamute Records)
  • Trigger / Lost in Time (2003, Trigger Recordings)
  • Buss (2004, Novamute Records)
  • John Peel Session 003 (2004, Noodles Recordings)
  • Revolution (2004, Novamute Records)
  • The Third Paper (2004, Noodles Institute of Technology)
  • Revelation (2005, Novamute Records)
  • The Fourth Paper (2005, Noodles Institute of Technology)
  • The Tyranny of Pesto (2005, Digital Distortions)
  • Jetlag and Tinnitus Part 1 (2006, Noodles Recordings)
  • Jetlag and Tinnitus Part 2 (2007, Noodles Recordings)
  • Signals 002 (2007, Uncharted Audio)
  • Jetlag and Tinnitus Part 3 (2008, Noodles Recordings)
  • 24 bit error (2009

As Bigfoot[edit]

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Franks Birthday (1995, Eukatech)
  • I Can't Get in EP (1996, Eukatech)
  • Sasquatch EP (1996, Eukatech)

As Bigfoot Futures Ltd[edit]

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Interplanetary Music (1996, Eukatech)
  • Tommy Crunch 2 (1996, Eukatech)
  • Drumz (1997, Eukatech)
  • Part 4 Return of the Big Mack (1997, Eukatech)

As Buckfunk 3000[edit]


  • First Class Ticket To Telos (1998, Language)

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Modulation (1996, Language)
  • 3000 / Economics (1997, Language)
  • In is In / Planet Shock Future Rock (1997, Language)
  • Systematic (1997, Language)
  • Fried Funk & Microchips / Planet Shock Future Rock (1998, Language)
  • There is Life on Mars (1998, Language)
  • High Volume (2001, Fuel Records)
  • Jump & Disrupt (2001, Fuel Records)
  • 2 Much Booty (2004, Bowwow)

As Cabbage Boy[edit]


  • Genetically Modified (1999, Ntone)

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Sausage Doctor EP (1995, Ntone)
  • Planet EP (1997, Ntone)
  • Molecular Millionaires (1999, Ntone)
  • The Lost Tapes Vol 1 1998–2000 (2004, Noodles Recordings)

As Culture Cruncher[edit]

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Vol. 1 (2000, Noodles Discothèque)
  • Vol. 2 (2001, Noodles Discothèque)
  • Vol. 3 (2001, Noodles Discothèque)
  • Vol. 5 (2002, Noodles Discothèque)

As Dr. Nowhere versus The Maverick DJ[edit]

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Automated Leisure EP (1998, Scandinavia Records)

As S. I. Futures[edit]


Singles and EPs[edit]

As Inevitable Technology[edit]

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Etherion EP (1994, Trope Recordings)
  • Reform EP (1994, Trope Recordings)
  • The Wheel EP (1994, Berlin Records)

As State of the Art[edit]

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • Feel This / Party Time (1994, Full House Records)
  • Shifting Mercury EP (1995, State of the Art)
  • Automatic (2004, Inform / Noodles Recordings)


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