Si Racha District

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Si Racha
Amphoe location in Chonburi Province
Amphoe location in Chonburi Province
Coordinates: 13°10′28″N 100°55′50″E / 13.17444°N 100.93056°E / 13.17444; 100.93056Coordinates: 13°10′28″N 100°55′50″E / 13.17444°N 100.93056°E / 13.17444; 100.93056
Country Thailand
Province Chonburi
Seat Si Racha
 • Total 616.4 km2 (238.0 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total 275,773
 • Density 447.39/km2 (1,158.7/sq mi)
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Postal code 20110
Geocode 2007

Si Racha[1] (Thai: ศรีราชา; pronounced [sǐː rāː.t͡ɕʰāː]) is a district in Chonburi Province, Thailand. Its center is the town of Si Racha, on the Gulf of Thailand, about halfway between Chonburi and Pattaya.

Si Racha is in a heavily industrial zone consisting of manufacturing and shipping industries, supported by the port of Laem Chabang, 20th largest in the world. With Chonburi to the north and Pattaya, Bang Lamung township, Laem Chabang to the south, it forms the bulk of the economic zone of the eastern seaboard of Thailand, a fast-growing area that is second to only greater Bangkok in population and wealth.[citation needed] Due to its infrastructure, Laem Chabang and the eastern seaboard in general, is the nation's leading entrepôt.[citation needed]

The name "Si Racha" is from Sanskrit Sri Raja via Pali.

Wat Ko Loi, Si Racha


To the north is Amphoe Mueang Chonburi, and south is Amphoe Bang Lamung.


The district is divided into eight sub-districts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 58 villages (muban). Si Racha itself has town (thesaban mueang) status and covers the complete tambon Si Ratcha. The city (thesaban nakhon) Laem Chabang covers the whole tambon Bueng, Surasak, Thung Sukhla and parts of Nong Kham, as well as parts of Bang Lamung of neighboring Bang Lamung District.

No. Name Thai name     
1. Si Racha ศรีราชา 5. Nong Kham หนองขาม
2. Surasak สุรศักดิ์ 6. Khao Khansong  เขาคันทรง 
3. Thung Sukhla  ทุ่งสุขลา  7. Bang Phra บางพระ
4. Bueng บึง 8. Bo Win บ่อวิน


  1. ^ Note: An alternative spelling is Sri Racha. Si Racha is the official transcription of the Thai pronunciation attributable to the fact that the consonant cluster /sr/ doesn't occur natively in Thai speech [1].

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