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The society's headquarters

The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage (Thai: สยามสมาคมในพระบรมราชูปถัมภ์) is a society in Bangkok, Thailand, which aims to promote knowledge of Thailand. Its headquarters and library are on Asok Montri Road and it also runs the Kamthieng House Museum. It was founded on 26 February 1904 at a meeting at the Oriental Hotel.[1]

The first resolution proposed was to the effect that those there assembled should form themselves into a society for research and investigation in matters appertaining to Siam.

There were 103 founding members,[2] and currently the society has close to 1800 members.[3] The society has published the Journal of the Siam Society (JSS) since 1904 and the articles aged over a hundred years are available online.[4] The proceedings of the society were submitted to UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme.[5]


Siam Society set up in 1904 at the reign of King Rama V, to study and promote liberal arts and sciences related to Thailand and neighboring countries. Past time The Siam Society has received royal grace from every His Majesty the King of Thailand and has always been grace Siam Society to be under royal patronage. In addition, there are people with honor and goodness in many ways, such as humanities, science, liberal arts, which have been selected for the position of a number of associations. The Siam Society is a charitable organization that has collaborated with the public and private sectors in promoting education, publishing research and conservation. At the Siam Society under the Royal Patronage, a museum library has been established to promote research and various works according to the objectives of the Siam Society under the Royal Patronage and to be used as a source of education for the general public without hoping for compensation, just use it as a source of knowledge that is the main purpose of the Siam Society under the royal patronage.

Royal Patron[edit]



Vice-Patrons and Honorary President[edit]

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

Honorary Vice-Presidents[edit]

Former Honorary President[edit]


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